They require an under-the-table view of the happenings at your company. Millennials want access to information. They want an education. On the third or fourth day on the job, they will almost certainly ask for a raise. However, that is fine as you will get past that.

They look for a blooming environment where they will be able to do their bit, where Millennials can make a difference, and where there is constant access to coaching because they know that mentorship is going to foster their career for the long run.

Millennials will probably not spend many years in your company. In fact, they are prone to change jobs after a couple of years looking for new challenges. However, if they were satisfied in yours, they will spread the word among their friends who will come work for you. Therefore, ensure you use their productivity, their best thinking, and hard work while they are working for you.

The reality is, the Millennial employees are driving change, and expect different things compared to previous Generation X and Baby Boomers as they are more technologically savvy, better educated, and less motivated by the circumstances that marked past generations. So, what should you do to make your company more attractive and to retain the Net Generation?

Secure the Feel of Purpose

Assertive workplace culture is a means of securing the feel of purpose within an organization and the opportunity to change employee’s personal and professional environment. With a workplace where co-workers aspire to help one another and can address and perform ideas efficiently without failing to communicate adequately, you would attract the Millennials.

Such a workplace can be accomplished by hiring candidates who are adaptable with the team members and will more likely establish a bond. If you could achieve this, and the employees can continue to learn from a broad array of people with a different set of backgrounds, then a Millennial will surely enjoy his or her time at your company and feel more motivated.

Put Technology at the Forefront

To Millennials, technology is like oxygen — they expect it to be at every turn. For this generation of employees, the technology is not an accessory. It is the tool they need to do their job efficiently. By putting the cutting-edge technology at the forefront, you can grab Millennials the moment they walk in the door.

Technology has become an indispensable part of millennials’ objectives to affect and change the world. Therefore, you should give them the technology they need to innovate in directions the past generations could never have conceived.

Provide Flexible Environment

With the heap election of communication channels such as Skype, Hangouts, Slack, the instant messaging, and workflow automation, the Millennial does not need or even want, to chain him or herself to a desk from nine to five. Empowerment, flexibility, and the capability to work remotely are perks that Generation Y values and aspires. These three things are also what will attract and keep them at a company.

Technology and flexibility go hand in hand, and a mobile workforce that can obtain crucial information, be in contact with the team and communicate progress, all from any location and at any time is one of the most flexible options. As an example, you could provide your workforce with a possibility to travel while working, work remotely or even relocate to branch in a different country. Remember to hire experts such as immigration lawyers to take care of the visas so that the employees could stay focused on their job.

Involve and Reward Your Employees

While a good salary plays an important part, the Millennials prefer to work in a company where their input matters and where they feel the work they do makes a difference in some way.

Employee ownership, where workers have a part in the business as a member of a broader engagement programme, could be an option. The pattern is not suitable for every company, but it has shown the increase in productivity. Furthermore, the Millennials would much rather work for a company that associates and awards its employees.


Opportunities to learn and develop, interest in the work, the overall quality of the management, and the possibilities for progress are ranked in the top five by Millennials. Exciting and flexible work along with the right relationships with colleagues and supervisors are most important for Millennials.


Besides work-life balance, Millennials also seek time flexibility as an aspect of a flexible environment. Additionally, Millennial workforce looks for versatility in the form of different employment types of contracts, role extensibility including location flexibility. Bottom line, businesses trying to improve loyalty need to ensure they are balancing engaging workplace and flexibility with efficient administration and growth possibilities.