The life of a marketer and SEO professional can get very hectic incredibly fast. Thankfully, there are tools to make the workday move a little smoother. Here are five project management tools every marketer should know.

Asana – Eliminate the Need for Emails

Are emails overpowering your workday? Well, Asana eliminates the need for forwards, cc-ing, and archiving by facilitating team communication and collaboration. Managers can create marketing projects and tasks to monitor incremental gains. Reviewers of Asana mention how it is easy to assign workers to assignments, watch the progression of goals as they are completed, quickly organize workflows, and share files. All communication can happen within the app taking away the need for constant emails.

Trello – Never Miss a Deadline

Monitoring SEO is all about planning and execution. Missing opportunities for analysis and reporting can happen easily throughout the busy workday. Trello can decrease the probability of this happening by quickly allowing managers to assign projects to categorized cards. The process is visual and easy to follow so managers can get a complete look at how far workers are with assigned projects. The platform also sends reminders of deadlines and puts together collaborative calendars so the whole marketing team can stay current on upcoming milestones.

Basecamp – Minimize the Need for Meetings

All project management applications are meant to help teams stay organized and on task. However, Basecamp strives to help marketing teams remain organized regarding communications, progress, and notifications. Basecamp includes features that enable teams to keep all conversations sorted by projects, all announcements can be found in one place, and managers can even ask check-in questions to those on the team to receive brief status updates. All these features can eliminate the need for multiple meetings since the program is built to share progress updates over the app easily.

Wrike – Stay in Budget

Every marketer knows they may need some extra support from freelancers and contractors. Blending work between employees and non-contract employees can be a nightmare as far as tracking and budgeting. Wrike helps to keep all this information straight by allowing all team members to track their time on the app, and for managers to approve works within the program to keep workflow seamless. This program does a lot of the standard project management tasks, but a lot of the added budget and time management is ideal for managers who have to interact different types of workers.

Monday – Never Lose Track of Anything is a colorful combination of Asana and Trello in relation to the user interface and how users can assign tasks. Managers can create Gantt charts to visually display how far workers are with projects and easily see who is available to take on more duties. The features that make this project shine are the ability for managers to search for images, projects, or data at any time. Monday doubles as a project management database, so all information is easily searchable.

SEO and marketing involve a lot of layers. From team management to reaching benchmarks, professionals have a lot to navigate. Therefore, an affordable and user-friendly project management tool can make the workday run a lot smoother as well as keep teams organized to create successful marketing campaigns along with stellar SEO rankings.


**About the Author: Chanell Alexander currently resides in Atlanta, GA. When she’s not traveling and trying new restaurants in the Metro Atlanta area, she writes about the latest technology and tools for TrustRadius.