It can also be a viable means of making a steady income. Plus, the fact that you can be your own boss is the kind of benefit that can’t be topped.

Sadly, many people aren’t sure where to start when it comes to making money through freelancing –so we have some tips on boosting your income this year so you can work easily (and safely) from home.

How to increase your income with freelancing?

Find your niche

Before you do anything else, ask yourself: “what things am I good at?” Focusing on what you know can help you create a brand for yourself and easily source out work and clients. For example, if you have a degree in nursing, write about medical topics; if you’re a teacher, write about children, family topics or education.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about other topics and things that interest you, but starting with what you already know will make it easier to establish yourself as an expert and land more writing jobs.

Invest in learning the needed skills

Find out the kind of skills are required from people in your identified niche. Then put some time and effort into learning them. You can perfect them along the way by working on projects via freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on. This can help you build up your freelancing resume. 

Time management

Mastering the art of managing time is an effective way of getting the best out of freelancing. You can achieve this by:

Designating specific work hours

With freelancing, you can set out your personal work hours — but having set hours could help you be more productive and achieve a better work/life balance. Try setting a time to start work, when you take your breaks, and your “closing” time. Then try to stick to this schedule as strictly as possible. 

No multitasking

Do not do so many things at a time. Designate specific day for certain tasks. Making use of time tracking software is a great way to manage your time and that of your team effectively as well as track time spent on projects. 

Showcase yourself

Freelancing, like every other business, requires social media marketing. In other words, you have to show prospective clients what makes you a standout. To do this, you can do the following:

  • You should provide a personal description of yourself as a person alongside your freelancing experience. Some clients have been known to choose a freelancer because of their background.
  • Let prospective clients know about previous completed projects with other clients.
  • Provide details about projects you have worked on and the impact of your skills on attaining the goals of your past clients.
  • If you have reviews or recommendations from previous clients, post them on your website or social media profile. This can help attract new clients. 

Visit freelancing job platforms

Getting jobs and clients is not as easy when you’re just starting. Freelancing job platforms tend to pay on the lower side but can be a great way gain experience in contractual matters as well as learning to market your brand. You also get to build a clientele base.

Decline jobs politely

This is a trap most freelancers fall into. Taking on jobs you’re unable to complete (because you don’t have time or you lack the knowledge to do so) can backfire and could ruin your professional reputation.

It is in your best interest to say no if you can’t complete a writing job. Just make sure you decline politely — you never know what other opportunities this client might have in the future, and you don’t want to burn bridges.

Know what you are worth

When it comes to pricing yourself, things can get tricky. But you can place a pay rate on your services by: 

  • Finding out the going rate in your niche. You can do this by joining Facebook group or online platforms where writers in your niche hang out.
  • Do not offer your services at lower rates to attract clients. This is not profitable. The quality of your work should speak for you.
  • As your experience grows, review your rates. This can be done in a way that does not drive away regular and prospective clients. This is among the important freelancing tips, as your pay rate determines how much you make from freelancing and whether you can eventually turn it into a full-time career.

Client management

This is a significant part of freelancing. To manage your clients smoothly, you can do the following things:

Have a contract

Always draft out a contract before taking up any project. This helps to define the expectations during and after a project. It also ensures you get paid for all services rendered.

Provide regular feedback

Normally, you should inform the client of your progress on the project, especially if you’re working on a large project that will take more than just a few days to finish. Endeavor to keep your clients aware of what you are doing and how far you have gone. 

Request testimonials

After completing a project, do not just say goodbye to clients. It helps if you ask for testimonials as online recommendations are important. Don’t assume that clients will write a review about you; ask for it. 


If you are serious about making money from freelancing this year, start by focusing on the basics of being a freelancer. Find out your niche and invest in your personal and client development. With effort, patience, and ability comes the reward of being a success — and this is true in the world of freelancing as well.

Do you have any other good tips towards becoming a successful freelancer? Drop us a line below and let us know!

**About the Author: Lori Wade is a journalist from Louisville. She is a content writer with experience in writing news and conceptual articles on the topic of business. If you are interested in an entrepreneur or lifestyle writer, you can find her on Twitter & LinkedIn.