So, it makes perfect sense if you are thinking of getting more likes or followers on your business social media pages because it will translate to more people seeing your contents or products. In this comprehensive guide, we will be giving you some useful tips that can help you get more likes and followers.

• Run an Engagement Adverts and a Backlinking Campaign

• Partner with an Influencer and Host a Giveaway

• Create Viral Content

Run an Engagement Adverts and a Backlinking Campaign

One of the common ways you can boost likes and followers on your business social media pages is to run engagement ads. Create appealing content that will make people want to engage with your brand and promote it using ads. Those that find the content useful and interesting will engage by liking and commenting on it. They may even go as far as liking or following your page so as not to miss any other content that you post on your social media pages.

Aside from running ads, you can also consider working with a top agency that offers backlinking services. Backlinking simply refers to the act of creating a link on one website to links to another website. If you can get readers from other trusted blogs or websites to visit your social media pages, chances are they may end up liking your pages and even following them. The more backlinks you have to your social media page, the more likes and followers you’ll likely get.

Partner with an Influencer and Host a Giveaway

According to BBC, social media influencers’ income has risen in the last few years. One of the reasons for this rise is that these influencers are being used by businesses to help promote their brand and social media pages. When collaborating with an influencer to get more likes and followers for your business social media pages, you need to check the followers and engagement of the influencer as this determines the influencer’s reach. Do not forget to consider your budget for it.

Giveaways are also a great way to increase your social media likes and followers. You can host giveaways and require participants to like or follow your social media pages before they can win any prize. You can even instruct participants to share your media page links to many people. If you want to use this strategy, however, you need to be cautious not to be too demanding, and you should have a budget for your giveaways.

Create Viral Content

According to Business News Daily, creating viral content can help cause rapid lead generation. If you do not have the artistic skill to create viral content by yourself, you can work with viral marketing professionals to help you with it. You can then proceed to post it on your business social media pages. If it works out, you will get more likes and followers. Aside from that, it can also lead to increased sales if you are dealing with a product.