And indeed, they underlie a very important aspect of our everyday lives: everything is on social media and more and more people sign up for social media accounts. 

Social media platforms are gaining more and more popularity these days. Facebook had only 1.34 million users back in 2014 but its number is expected to rise until 1.69 billion in 2020. The same goes for other social media platforms, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and even YouTube. 

Even though each of these platforms has a different style and product, they are all part of the big family of social media. You can see photos and videos of your friends, get in touch with them, post your thoughts and opinions, and share interesting things. 

But besides the personal benefits a user has when using social media, it turns out to be a great promoting tool for businesses. If you want to make your products or services known to people, social media is the place to begin with. 

Many companies and businesses collaborate or hire marketing specialists to take care of the promotion strategy. The most important part of all this is that social media has great power. And some tips and tricks can help you build your branding strategy, promote your materials, target ads and promotions, and engage with your audience. 

But while all these might sound simple and easy to do, they all need knowledge, perseverance, and consistency. And thus, the business goals of enlarging your audience and growing followers’ numbers do not happen as fast as some might expect. 

The social media world is constantly growing. There are more and more companies and businesses that list social media as the first promotion investment they would like to do. And indeed, it has the power to convert customers and promote your business. It has the power of catching the attention of your audience and attracting it to your brand. It has the power of making your customers loyal. 

There are a lot of social media techniques that could help a business grow and promote itself. Every technique is different, has pros and cons, and is best used when you aim for something specific.

Here are 5 of the best techniques you can use to make social media a great promotion tool. Dive in to discover the secrets of a good social media strategy. 

1.Build your social media profiles to promote your brand 

If your brand is new on the market, then you need to attract customers. To do this, you need to first be on social media, where most people spend their time daily. People will choose to use a credible brand, that has a good online presence, and offers a wide variety of products or services at affordable prices. 

But to make people try your products, they need to first know that you are on the market. So, start by building your social media profiles. Among the most popular social media platforms used for business marketing and promotion are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

To make people trust you, you need to be transparent. So, every detail about your business should be online. For example, Facebook has an about page where you can fill in information about your business, such as the contact details, website, address, and city. 

If you choose to use more than one social media platform, here is a tip that will help you increase your followers’ number on all platforms. It is called cross-promotion and it is a technique many businesses use to promote their online channels. You can let people that follow you on one platform that you also have accounts and business pages on other social media channels. This will help build your brand identity and gather a large audience. 

When filling in information about your business, you need to pay attention to every social media platform characteristic. What would help you with the promotion of your business on social media is understanding the algorithms behind every tool. For example, Instagram is different from Facebook because it emphasizes the impact of visuals. It does not focus on the text, but rather on what you see. You can build a stronger brand promotion on Instagram if you add your business hashtags in your bio. 

Like this, you can use them whenever you post and other customers can use them when they make a post or a story about your product. This way, social media will turn into a great promotion tool that helps you engage with the audience. Which brings us to the second strategy. 

2.Create groups and engage with your audience 

Social media is for socializing, isn’t it? So why not use this great advantage of social media platforms to promote your brand and engage with your audience? To drive sales and increase your customer base, as well as your audience on your channels, you need to interact with people that engage with your brand and products. 

This will help you gain trust over time by showing your audience your knowledge and expertise in your domain. Some social media platforms allow you to create groups where you can add your followers. In these groups, you need to interact constantly with the people there. 

There may be groups where people can ask for guidelines to use specific products or services or ask about the best option for their issue. There may be groups where experts on the domain share the latest news and propose solutions to users’ problems. Or there may be groups where people passionate about your domain, for example, pollution or climate change, gather to share their knowledge and support others in their mission. 

Everything sounds nice and groups on social media platforms are great promotion tools. However, businesses that choose this technique to promote their brand should take into consideration that it takes time. It takes time to increase your group members and also to gain trust. Efforts and resources need to be invested constantly to make it work, and the results will most likely be visible after some time. 

3.Create targeted ads to drive sales 

If your brand creates some amazing products or offers incredible services, you depend on your customers to grow your business. Taking into consideration that social media is the first place many people go to ask for advice or suggestions, it is a great environment where you can create your brand identity and promote it. 

Creating targeted ads is a technique many social media channels encourage businesses to use. Of course, you need to invest time, research, and money into building effective targeted ads. But they can be successful and can drive sales or just improve your online presence. 

These ads can promote a service or product you offer, and can also offer your customers discounts. These are great ways to drive traffic to your social media pages and also increase your audience. Some social media platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to target specific interests. 

For example, if you want to promote flash discounts at your clothing business, you can target the group of people that has just bought clothes online. And this is what many companies are doing, which turns out to be successful for them. 

4.Organize contests to increase your brand awareness 

Increasing brand awareness is one of the common goals of all companies. You need to build your audience, make them loyal to you, and continuously promote your business. People need to be aware that your brand is on the market and offers some amazing products and services. 

If you use social media carefully, you can increase your brand awareness by organizing contests and giveaways. They were firstly organized by influencers who want to increase their audience and boost engagement with their posts. But businesses begin to use these techniques to increase their brand awareness. 

Giveaways are usually characterized by simplicity. People will not engage in a contest that has many steps and where the reward is not worth it. Instead, they will try to do some easy steps to have the chance to win something. These easy steps include liking the post, following the page, and sharing the post on their stories. Some giveaways require contestants to also leave a comment and tag some friends that might be interested in participating, which increases the pool of contestants. 

Giveaways on social media are great techniques every business should use to increase its brand awareness. 

5.Build your content depending on the platform you use 

Social media is huge. But some people have an account on a platform and that’s it. You have only one chance to reach them by building your content depending on the platform you use. This will involve a lot of market research and keyword analysis to build powerful and effective messages. 

For example, if we take Facebook and LinkedIn, you can instantly observe the difference between them. LinkedIn is usually used for business purposes, such as finding business partners, driving sales, and looking for the perfect candidates for a job within your company. On the other hand, Facebook is used for socializing, reading things of interest, learning more about your hobbies, finding events to participate in, and so on. 

Your approach should be different on every platform if your audience is different. This requires a high level of analysis of your audience’s habits, behaviors, interests, and demographics. Maybe sales partners on LinkedIn are more interested in the technicalities behind your products than your audience on Facebook. 

Social media platforms are different and to make them great promotion tools, you need to build your vocabulary and content depending on your audience. 


Every social media channel can turn out to be a great promotion tool if used correctly. There are many tricks and tricks that can help businesses, companies, and people alike drive traffic to their websites and pages, increase their audience, and build their brand identity. You can drive sales, build trust, make your customers and followers loyal, and increase your brand awareness. 

Setting goals and finding the right techniques can make the process less challenging. However, you should keep in mind that it takes time to build your online presence. Organize giveaways and contests, create groups to get closer to your audience, and create a strong brand identity. Build your content carefully and be patient and consistent. 

**About the Author: Alice Jones is an assignment writer and journalist who offers writing services reviews. She is from New York and has a Master’s degree in online marketing. Alice concentrates on such topics as communication, marketing, and branding.