It is about connecting the audience with the products and services through the content and tempting them to buy it. It aims to increase sales and grow the business. 

There are many social media marketing tools to help a business grow and bloom by taking advantage of these social media platforms, which include Amazon Prime as well.

Top social media marketing tools you should try


Hootsuite can single-handed handle many tasks with features such as:

  • Publish: Content can be easily created and published from a single dashboard. There is a built-in planner to provide a direct review of the content that has already been published.
  • Engage: It provides subject matter experts if needed to respond to any query. Chatbots service is there to react quickly to audience queries, helping with engagement.
  • Advertise: To make sure that the readers connect with the created content, it targets readers based on interest, locations etc. It also provides Hootsuite ads to help with visibility.
  • Monitor: Using Hootsuite insights, you can learn about the image the brand is transmitting to the market. One can also monitor the actions and activities of their competitors. Hootsuite even lets the user integrate their social listening tools like Talkwalker for more insight. 
  • Analyze-it: Also provides the facility to examine the performance of the content on all the social networks. With Hootsuite impact, one can calculate what the actual returns from your investment on social media are. There are graphical representations of the results for more insights.


This tool is designed for users who are interested in creating magic on social media using visuals. Popular for Instagram and Pinterest marketing to attract potential customers, it can also be used to create templates for activities like posts on Twitter and ads on Facebook. This is a free tool that allows you to create images and posts with:

  • Speech bubbles: Allows you to add pieces of storytelling using digital speech bubbles. Just drag and drop them into the design then add text.
  • Text to photo: Users can also add text to their images using a variety of fresh fonts and professional typography. Adding text makes the image more entertaining and communicating.
  • Photo effects and photo straightener: Choose from a list of trendy photo filters to make any image more beautiful. Canva also provides easy rotation of the images so that they look straight and elegant. 


OptinMonster is a powerful tool for pulling potential customers and engaging them at the perfect moment. Users can drag and drop various templates available on this platform to build a catchy eye lightbox, landing pages, and more to attract potential buyers.

With its amazing tools, users can increase their mailing listing and improve empty carts.  Some of the features that OptinMonster has to offer include tech skills for writing blogs and the following:

  • MonsterLinks: With its two-step opt-in technology, users can drive customer traffic to buy products and services. MonsterLinks can convert images and links to its opt-in campaigns using the Zeigarnik effect. According to this effect, people intend to complete the work they have started.
  • Geo-location targeting: Users can create campaigns based on the location of the audience. This will give a personalized touch to the content so they can more easily engage with the products and services. Thus, the conversion rate will increase and so the sales.
  • Exit-intent technology: This unique feature of OptinMonster allows the users to transform a deserting audience into subscribers and customers. This feature closely observes visitors, noting when they are about to leave the site without purchasing anything. The feature aims to pull in more customers and decrease cart abandonment.  


Buffer allows users to plan their posts across all platforms. They also have the option of automating their posting either daily or weekly. Users can analyze their posts, check their performance and failures. Some of its features are:

  • Publish: Buffer helps users schedule and publish engrossing content that can attract potential customers and grow the brand name. Users can schedule their Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn posts through a single dashboard. Owners can work with their team to plan and schedule their forthcoming events like campaigns and postings. Buffer also provides a chance to schedule web and mobile stories visually and reminds the user at the actual time of posting.
  • Analyze: The analyze feature allows users to check their performance on social media. It prepares reports of that performance and provides suggestions on how to increase the reach amongst potential customers and grow business. The unique instinctual analytic dashboard offers the option to track Twitter, Instagram and Facebook content. 

With this tool, you can understand the performance of your content on different social channels. You can also measure hashtags, stories and posts and observe if you’re reaching your target audience or not. 


SocialBakers is a great tool to measure your performance against your competitors and then use this data to enhance your own content.  With this information, users can then budget their campaigns effectively to improve business sales and growth. Some of the fantastic features of SocialBakers include:

  • Research & planning: With the help of artificial intelligence, users are guided on how to market better and where to invest their money for better results.
  • Content strategy: Get all the necessary tools required to build good content. Discover topics and get inspiration to produce content on them. Also track and execute content.
  • Influencer marketing: Handle the entire process of report tracking and accessing needed to influence the marketall in one place.
  • Social media management: Organize and manage activities of various social media accounts on one platform.
  • Measurement and reporting: Users can get an overview of their approach to marketing.
  • Social customer care: Get in-depth information about the needs of your customers. This will help you provide standardized solutions as well as meet customers’ need in the form of product and services.

Final verdict

Different types of Social media tools have some similar features but some features only specific to the tool. Users can select the tool that best suits their marketing needs and requirements. With these tools, users will be able to improve their chances of being present in the customer’s social streams and ultimately grow his business.

**About the Author: As a technology enthusiast, Bella contributes to open-source projects. She is a co-founder at Top My Grades and delivers online sessions at Expert Assignment Help, helping students with essays and assignments. Beyond work, you can find her gardening in her backyard accompanied by her dogs, Birch & Bailey.

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