And in this day and age, there’s no better strategy than to utilize the power of social media to do exactly that. People across the globe are already using social media channels and have gotten used to following the brands they’re interested in on their platforms.

What’s more, the first instinct of a modern customer is to search for and check the brand’s social media pages in order to get a feel about that brand’s values, message, and identity. In that respect, it’s crucial for brands to focus on their social media presence if they want to grow their business steadily and establish themselves as a reputable authority within the industry.

The right channels for the right audience

The most important thing for brands is to attract and engage their target audience. And when you plan to do so via social media, it’s crucial that you focus the attention on those social media platforms that your target audience frequents.

Keep this in mind as it’s very easy to make a costly mistake – there are several popular social media platforms, but you don’t need to utilize all of them. Among Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and so on, chances are that your specific target audience tends to spend most of their time on one or two social media channels.

This is why it’s paramount that you proceed with the market analysis and determine where your audience hangs out online so that you can take your business over there as well.

Always showcase your branding

Your brand logo and name are the two most important aspects of your brand’s identity. As you’re working towards creating a recognizable and independent brand, your social media efforts have to reflect that.

That said, regardless of what type of posts you decide to share on your social media channels, make sure that all of them feature your brand name and logo. Of course, your profile picture and potential banners (depending on the platform) have to clearly reflect your branding, even if you tend to change them regularly for marketing purposes.

Not only will this instantly differentiate you from your competition, but it will also help you stay memorable in your audience’s minds. The more consistent you are with this practice, the better promotion you’ll create for your business.

Create engaging content

The part that can make all the difference for your brand growth and recognition is the content you post on your social media channels. That said, make sure to stick to the basic rules that provenly work. For starters, always use compelling visuals even when you’re sharing an article from your blog.

Use the adequate number of hashtags and word them so that you generate more views. The colors and images you use should be enticing and appealing, with the ability to draw the viewer’s attention immediately. Finally, the type of content you post has to be engaging and meaningful for your followers.

Regardless of whether it’s an image, infographic, GIF, an article, or a video, the content of that post has to align with your brand’s image as well as bring value and entertainment to the followers.

Most importantly, don’t try to repurpose content used for one social media channel for another. For instance, the type of content typically shared on Facebook simply cannot be used in the same manner for your posts on Instagram.

Communicate with your audience respectfully

Communication with your audience on social media is essential, but before you start that communication, it’s important that you decide what your brand’s tone of voice will be. Do you want to be purely professional or appear more personal and involved?

Whatever direction you decide to take, keep in mind that you have to be active and respectful. You or your social managers simply cannot let your emotions get the best of you. Just take a look at what happened to Z Palette after practically bullying their consumers on Instagram. They’re pretty much canceled.

Therefore, your goal should always be to provide a kind and comprehensive answer. Aside from responding to your followers via comments and messages, don’t hesitate to like, heart, reshare, retweet, tag, and take other social media actions that will connect you to your audience more.

As one of the imperative aspects of modern lifestyle, social media has to be treated and utilized as an important marketing tool for creating brand awareness. It’s true though that the things in the digital world are susceptible to change rather often, which is precisely why you should always keep track of valuable metrics to check your social media marketing progress.

This practice will allow you to manage your social media activity better so that you can always prioritize your target market and make the most out of it.

**About the Author: Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.

*Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash