Things like air conditioning systems, bus doors, dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines are examples of how a single push of a button can help you get things done. The ability to do things without human interaction or limited human effort is, in fact, automation.

According to the findings of a study conducted by Insta-page, automation can save businesses around $130,000 every year. Today in our post, we would like to study how, through various means of automation, one can achieve higher productivity in their daily lives. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them.

Tips for Automating Everyday Life

Automated household shopping

Time is of the essence, and that is why many residents of urban settlements seek ways through which they can save valuable time to commit themselves to more important and urgent matters. Automated shopping is, therefore, a viable option through which people can shop for household items without much effort. All you need to do is look for online subscriptions that can offer you services to purchase products every month for essential items such as groceries and other products like toiletries.

There are even pet stores online that can deliver pet supplies every month with a simple subscription to their services. All you are required to do is simply make payments online, and the goods are delivered to your doorstep.

Managing your smart devices

We all use smart devices ranging from smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, and various other gadgets. With time these devices need to be cleaned for unwanted or redundant files that can be accumulated and stored in the memory of the device.

There are several applications, including anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and software available that can manage your smart devices without the need for your intervention. These programs come with a built-in clock that can run automated scans and cross-checks to ensure that your devices remain clean and clear of any unwanted files, especially viruses and Trojans.

Creating diet plans

Staying healthy and fit is every person’s responsibility and greatest concern. However, cooking can be a bit of hassle and reminding yourself to eat healthily can be troublesome at times. With proper applications that you can simply install on your smart devices, they can remind you to prepare meals in advance and keep them stored in your refrigerator.

Hence when the time comes to enjoy your meal, you can simply take them out and heat them to enjoy your food. People are looking for a way to save time and money. A body calculator can come in handy to offer you the amount that you should be required to eat periodically, including daily, weekly, and monthly plans.

Organizing important documents

For someone who constantly prepared documents as a part of their daily workplace requirement, automating your documents can be quite handy. Through automation, you can turn complex procedures into one-click wonders.

There are macros available in the Microsoft Word that one can use to launch complex actions such as inserting company letterheads, attaching pre-formatted tables, and even defining the custom looks and formats of the document.

Macros can be used to define complex actions, and they can be recorded. Then once you are finished, you can add a macro button to the Quick Access Toolbar to run them whenever you want to finalize your document.

Making bill payments

Every house consumer utilities like water, gas, and electricity. This means by the end of every month; you have to make your bill payments. Furthermore, there are other services like internet, cable TV, and landline phone services that also carry their own monthly payments. Stack them up, and you have a huge responsibility to never miss out on the due dates for each bill payment.

While this can be a hurdle to go through that requires considerable hassle on your part, however many services now offer you automation to pay bills directly. You do not have to make any travel; the charges are incurred every month and deducted from your credit account.

Automated home

Home security and other gadgets such as the Internet of Things have long integrated themselves with our daily lives and routines. Thanks to the internet and progressive technology, smart homes that are completely automated are not a dream anymore.

From your thermostat, interior/exterior lighting, to your home security appliances, all can be automated through convenient gadgets and technology working together.

There are even smart door locks and front doorbells that allow you to keep your house safe from intruders and unwanted guests. If unusual activity is detected, such as a smoke alarm can send direct notifications to your smart devices to inform you about the incident in real-time.

Managing emails and social media posts

If you are a marketer and want to improve your productivity when it comes to managing social media accounts and post for your company, then automation has got solutions for you as well.

However, once you apply automation, it would be best to periodically check on the progress that you have made so far. This will allow you to pinpoint discrepancies, if any, in your current automation settings.

On the other hand, you can also use automation to send out emails to your respective clients and prospects. The email that you would send will be composed beforehand, and when the time comes, it will be sent automatically to the desired recipients, hence saving a lot of time on your part.

Travel arrangements

There are software available out there that can help you to automate your travels, including making reservations and booking for your business trips as well as family outings. This allows you to save time in doing everything separately. With just a few clicks, you can not only buy tickets to your destination but can also apply for stay-ins with your family and friends in your favorite hotels and lodging.

In some cases, we also find services offering you preplanned inter-city travels by making automatic accommodations such as reserving a vehicle and a suitable driver once you arrive at your destination.


Automation offers you an incredible boost in your overall productivity. It is also able to set a standard of improved quality and increased predictability in your everyday actions. Thus naturally, automation leads towards consistent output as well as reducing direct human interventions and related expenses.

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