The way we present or promote ourselves on social media is becoming an important part of our regular lives. Whether you’re using your profiles for professional or personal reasons, it’s important to create engaging updates.

You might have great content, but if you fail to get your message across in a compelling way then you won’t be able to reach people in the way you want. Posting interesting facts, helpful tips, and images asking for commentary can dramatically improve interaction with your community.

If you’re looking to get more out of your networks, the team at ShortStack and The Social Skinny put together an infographic of 10 great tips that will help you create status updates that set you apart from the crowd:

#1 Post an interesting fact

If you want to share a blog post (yours or someone else’s) or an online article, create an update that contains the piece’s most intriguing fact or statement. It gives people a little sneak peek and can encourage them to click-through to read more. It’s also a great way to allow people to comment even if they don’t have time to read the whole thing.

#2 Share a tip

Tips and hacks are some of my favorite things to read about! They’re helpful, useful, and practical for everyday life. What’s not to love? Posting with the word “TIP” ensures your status stands out in News Feeds and grabs people’s attention!

#3 Endorse content

Don’t be afraid to endorse the content you share with your community. It changes the way people react to a post when you’ve added your own approval.

#4 Don’t always ask a question

It’s easy to fall into the “ask to get a response” trap. You don’t always need to ask people what they think, and at least professionally, there’s no need to expect something in return until you’ve got an engaged fanbase. Mix up your posts!

#5 Inspire action

When you post something and want people to do something – tell them. Don’t assume they’ll know what kind of reaction you’re hoping for. Including an ask like, “Please share this” or “Feel free to pin” usually encourages people to take action.

#6 Tell users what to expect

People’s time is precious in this busy world of ours. So, let everyone know what to expect if you’re posting an article or a video. Share exactly how long it will take to read or watch so they know what they’re getting into. It can be inconvenient to start watching something, only to realize there’s 20 minutes of (albeit interesting) discussion to get through.

#7 Add a P.S.

Email marketers often suggest adding a “P.S.” at the end of an email as a proven way to get someone’s attention. Play around with using it in your status updates and see if if improves your own engagement.

#8 Use short links

Lose the long URLs and opt for using a link shorteners like to make posts shorter, which improves the chances they will be shared.

#9 Use images with text

Make your images stand out even more by adding text to them. ShortStack and The Social Skinny suggest using an online editor like PicMonkey, but we also suggest checking out the photo effects tool in Photogramio. They’re both great tools for editing images and adding text!

#10 Ask people to comment

Engagement boosts the likelihood of being featured in someone’s News Feed, so ask for comments. For the best results, use a give-to-get approach. That means, for example, if someone shares their Twitter handle with you – follow them.

So, there you have it. 10 quick tips to help you immediately improve your status updates. Do with them what you will!

I think the most important thing to bear in mind when you’re sharing any updates with any community that your main aim is to communicate with people. Reach out to them, engage them, help them. Whenever I’ve made the first move, I’ve always had a wonderful response, and as an added plus, I’ve met some pretty amazing individuals.

Here’s the full infographic below:

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