Supercharging your productivity will set you up for success, so it’s certainly something you can focus on. Podcasts themselves are a productivity hack as you can multitask, and these podcasts come packed with productivity hacks for freelancers.

Read on to take your business to the next level.

Smart Passive Income

This podcast is all about building your passive income through digital means, and any freelancer should be building a portfolio of passive income enabling them to spend time focussing their energy on their work. Hosted by Pat Flynn who has had huge success developing passive income strategies and as an exceptionally efficient way of earning they can have a huge impact on your productivity.

The Tim Ferris Show

One of iTunes’s most lauded podcasts and running into hundreds of episodes, Tim Ferris has been bringing charm and insight to the world of business podcasts for years. Freelancers will find something of interest in every episode, and Ferris often brings successful guests onto his show to narrate their business journey. Ferris is a master of productivity, and all of his advice is based on real-life experience, he’ll help you up your game in no time.


Unemployable is designed to be the most practical podcast out there for helping you develop your skills and succeed in the freelance lifestyle. Host Brian Clark focusses on every aspect of the freelancer lifestyle, and discusses each topic in depth. You’ll learn about marketing yourself, how to be creative with your time to maximize your productivity, and how to make the most of the lifestyle that freelancing gives you.

Business Wars

This fascinating podcast takes a deep dive into the rivalries that are at the heart of every industry. Anyone operating a business, no matter the scale, will glean an insight into the wheelings and dealings that go on behind closed doors and this can offer great value to freelancers who sometimes suffer from operating in a vacuum. Although some stories may be on a scale that doesn’t relate to the freelance life, every episode of Business Wars tells a gripping tale.

The Good Life Project

Ultimately it’s what we’re all after: the good life. Most freelancers break out of the 9-5 grind looking for greater control of their time, a better work-life balance and the ability to make money doing what they love. The Good Life Podcast is all about finding ways to pursue your dreams, and the tips and tricks that pack this podcast will lead you straight to a life you love.

Beyond The To-Do List

Beyond The To-Do List will introduce you to successful individuals in each episode, exploring their strategies for maximizing productivity both in their personal and professional lives. By drawing on personal experiences, this podcast manages to build a lesson into every episode – listen in and you’ll take your productivity to the next step.

The Productivityist

In The Productivityist, host Mike Vardy explores the latest and greatest ideas in time management. Vardy has been hacking productivity for years and in his podcast he introduces you to some of the other great minds in productivity, from CEOs to psychologists. Time management is covered from every angle in this informative podcast packed with great ideas that you can put into practice.

Getting Things Done 

Improving your productivity and gaining success are intrinsically linked, and this engaging podcast proves this time and again as host David Allen reveals his tips for optimizing your time management skills. Allen is an authority on productivity, previously having written the best-seller Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity on the subject. This podcast takes a deep dive into everything the book covered and more.

Waste No Time

Boosting your productivity might just be the way to take your freelance practice to the next level. Time management is something many freelancers struggle with as you have to create your own structure. These podcasts come packed with advice on how to maximize your productivity, and with these new strategies you’ll have success in no time.

**About the Author: Katherine Rundell is a scriptwriter at Best Essay Writing Services and Essay Writing Services Reviews and a blogger at Assignment Services. Ever since she packed in the day job to pursue the freelance career of her dreams she has been honing the art of productivity to achieve greater success.

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