In order for you to capture readers that have a passion for your content, you need to do things differently so as to ensure that your final product is not boring. Failure to do this would repel people from coming back for more engagement with your posts.

This article will expand on some of the best methods you could use to ensure that you stop writing posts on social media that are boring.

Use color to ensure that your brand has consistency

When writing your social media posts, learn from the various successful brands and companies around you that have made it in the social media world. A good example? Some of the most famous brands in various sectors include color into their branding frameworks. Examples of this include Coca-Cola which has red as its main brand color or even Evernote that has green as its main color.

These various brands have discovered something that you can learn from: The use of a trademark color is a huge gold mine in the social media world due to its power to draw endless attention to what you post, thus earning you more readers by the day.

The social media world is an infinitely fast-paced one and the people using various social media channels are often times quickly scanning across their news feeds. Posts that are not eye-catching, unique or immediately different are likely to be hardly noticed.

For you to spare your content such an ominous fate, you should search for a color scheme that you could brand your posts with. The ripple effect of this will be prompting readers to slow down when they come across some of your posts because they recognize them, and hopefully make them willing to dive into your posts.

Make your posts helpful, generous and authentic

In order for you to avoid posting boring content on social media, you can enhance your readership by trying the strategy of being generous with the information you share. The secret lies in knowing that readers are always looking for useful content. One of the most relevant types of content that are aligned to this principle is providing enough information to help people in various tough situations.

A good number of readers will visit your posts with the hope that they will find something that they could relate to and engage with.

In addition, every time you interact with readers on various social media platforms, you should always strive to provoke some reaction from them. Be it laughter, curiosity or interest, among many other things. This means that, in the long run, all your posts in social media should aim to create a generous, funny and helpful presence as often as possible.

You will obviously not be in a position to solve all the problems and complex situations facing your readers, but they will deeply appreciate the effort that your posts have put in towards helping them out – and as a result they will engage with more of your content on the diverse social media channels.

Always strive to spark curiosity

Anyone who is familiar with the field of marketing is aware of the important role that a post’s headline plays in its marketability. With a good headline, you are better placed to earn more engagement for the actual social media post, as well as more traffic.

For your social media posts to come off as less boring, you should play with your titles and headlines until you get the most captivating one. Avoid plain headlines that produce no emotions, go with something that provokes laughs and curiosity from readers.

Need help making your posts shine? There are many resources online to help you write better headlines and posts.


When used the right way, social media is a remarkable tool for businesses, industries, and companies. However, if your content is boring, the message of your posts is likely to get lost.

This article showed you some ways to make your posts engaging and useful. Apply them today and reap the benefits.


** About the author: Sophia Clark graduated from the University in the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism. She currently writes for Eliteessaywriters. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +.