[guest post by George Dragojevic]

You can create a website, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account and profiles on many other social networks. In the end, it all comes down to choosing an option most suitable to your business, depending on its size, type, organization and other important factors. If you are having doubts about whether you should focus on social media or your website, we will go through some pros and cons of both of these, which can help you decide what to go for.


In case you want to build your company’s brand from scratch, then choosing a website may be the better option for you. A website is truly your own online space. You can design it to look how you like and fill it with whatever content you want. When it comes to building credibility and trust, there is nothing better than a website. It can be a quite simple, a single page flyer, or it can be a whole online store that has products people can order.


  • It’s cost effective, and you will get your money’s worth regardless of whether you need a simple free website or a complex one that will earn you a lot of money.

  • A website builds credibility with your target audience.

  • Full control over your whole site.

  • Improved marketing techniques and tools that you can use to market your business through a website.


  • Maintenance can take a lot of your resources, including time and money.

  • The more complex the site, the bigger price you have to pay for its development.

  • Driving traffic to a site can be hard.

Social media

You can set up social media profiles in a matter of minutes. With a social media profile, you can allow your customers to reach you much more easily by redirecting the domain name to your social media profiles. Social networks have a pre-existing base of users and, in this crowd, you can find your customers easily. This is why social media is good for promoting your business, engaging people, discussing, commenting and offering solutions to people’s problems.


  • They can be set up quickly and easily.

  • There is no risk when creating social media profiles, as you don’t have to invest any money and you can easily delete them.

  • Social Media is casual and you can create a lot of engagement by communicating and building relationships with people.


  • Unlike with websites, social media is limited when it comes to customizing your design.

  • The provider controls the content you promote on your pages, and you are obliged to follow the rules they’ve set.

  • The tools for reporting are quite limited and you won’t be able to measure everything as much as you want.

The final word? Ideally, you should have both a website and social media accounts, and you should promote your business on both fronts. If combined properly, these two can give you amazing results.


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