[guest post by Frank Laughlin]

The goal is to stand out from the boring informational social media messages everyone else is posting. Here are a few ideas to consider in your business.

Share Your Mascot

Some businesses have used a mascot in their social media and advertising campaigns. The best examples of this include the use of a Gecko lizard or a pink bunny beating a drum. Both companies extended their reach by manufacturing plush animals of the same sold in toy stores. While novel, you don’t have to go to this same extreme.

The social media of such businesses could feature their mascot hanging out with employees. If the firm has a brick-and-mortar location, the mascot can be available at select stores for selfies with customers.

Take Advantage Of Music

One of the biggest cross-cultural things that spans many countries and languages is that of music. Studies have shown music can cause high emotions in the mind. Depending on the type of music, it can also stimulate a connection with other people. One group of people that social media works best is with Millennials. They usually listen to music on streaming services such as Spotify or iTunes. Posting music videos onto your social media account can be attractive.

People love to share information on social media with others including their friends and followers. Music, technology demonstrations, and entertaining content tends to do best.

Try Something Different

Some industries may not be the most exciting, perhaps even boring to most people. When these groups join social media, they can be looked at as a joke instead of taken seriously. An adventurous Police Department decided to change this by creating videos. The goal was to teach kids the dangers of carrying a knife out in the open.

They created a series of videos like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from years past. These videos were hosted on the popular YouTube platform. Kids watched the videos over and over again just to choose a different story line. The different endings were the most intriguing aspect. It ended up being one of the most creative promotions by that Police Department.

Share Useful Information

Many companies use social media to interact with their customers. The typical interaction consists of a client asking the business a question and receiving an answer in near real time. Sometimes responses received via social media are quicker than calling customer service. One company decided to take this a step further by posting current hold times.

The concept is that by monitoring a twitter account customers could determine the optimal time to call in. Between these regular updates of estimated hold times, the company posted advertisements or promotions. The net effect is an increased number of eyeballs watching their social media accounts.

As you can see, there are several ways to use social media creatively to build your brand. Business expansion is possible without looking like a faceless enterprise. I would encourage you to try some or all the above items and experiment to determine which work best for you.


** About the Author: Frank Laughlin is committed to inspiring ideas, sparking creativity and encouraging problem-solving. As the creator of ideas2apply and Why Your Blog Name Ideas Should Be Attractive, Frank encourages creative thinking by exploring topics from many angles. When not helping young minds, Frank enjoys theme parks, sports venues, and instrumental music.