Having great customer care is essential for every company out there. It’s a tactic companies use to create a bond with customers, and create a “good name” for their brands – after all, a satisfied customer is going to share his positive experience with friends and relatives.


Since they were introduced, social media platforms have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Today, having an active and efficient social media presence is just as important as building and optimizing your website. Companies are starting to take advantage of social media’s potential as a better, faster platform for customer care.


This is an important move because 34.5% of people actually prefer social media platforms for customer care over other channels, including email (19.4%), website/live chat (24.7%), and toll-free-numbers (16.1%). The reason for the preference? Twitter and Facebook are 48% more accurate at delivering responses and 44% faster than email.


If done right, a social media customer care service can improve customer’s satisfaction rate by 26.6% — and people end up spending 3-20% more money when they get a response to their queries.


KLM, Garuda Indonesia, Banco do Brasil, Halo BCA, Telkomsel, Amazon, Tesco are just several of the companies that use social media customer care. The infographic below showcases additional facts on social media customer care and why you should pay attention to it.