There are over TWO billion active social media users across the globe, which makes up one-third of the total global population. This makes social media extremely important to deliver your message.

Here are some of the key social media marketing challenges you need to master – and how you can become a social butterfly using social media syndication.

Strong connection with your target audience

Establishing a connection with the target audience is key; you can humanize your brand and build an authentic and strong relationship with your target audience by connecting with them. For this purpose, you can use low-cost brand monitoring tools such as Mention, Respond or TweetDeck. You need to have an eye on all the main social media channels and respond in a way that feels authentic – and tools like these help you connect more easily and organize your message. You can also create your own niche forum or group on social media platforms, as this allows you to get in touch with users directly.

Make your marketing strategic when it comes to social media

There are three main aspects of your social media marketing strategy that can help you achieve your goals:

  • Figure out why you’re using social media. Don’t use this platform just to waste time. Instead, think about how you can use social media to help market your business.
  • Find out which specific channels you need to advertise on for better results.
  • How can you measure success, what is the targeted time, and what you will focus on every day for better results.

Good content

Managing social media is always a time-consuming job. You have to be creative and unique in order to get the get the most from social media marketing.

The checklist of a social media manager seems to go on forever: creating, scheduling, monitoring, responding, updating and re-utilizing the content across certain profiles of social media is needed. To make the best possible use of your time, make sure you only share content that is valuable, interesting, and makes people want to click and learn more.

Quality vs. Quantity

When it comes to social media, more is NOT better. Too many posts can end up irritating your customers and readers. A better option is to focus on the quality of your posts rather than concentrating on quantity. Posting great content will make people follow your brand.

Reaching your target audience on social media

Once you have created good content, you need to make sure it reaches its target audience. Don’t sit back waiting for people to discover and share your content. Seek out people actively if you feel that they can benefit you. Email or direct messages are a genuine way to spread your message on social media. You can also syndicate your content and republish it to places like Medium. Frequently ask questions and respond to comments you receive.

Encourage social media sharing

According to research published in The New York Times under the heading “psychology of sharing,” people are more likely to share content if they find something valuable and entertaining for others. Some of the best ways to create share-worthy content include:

  • Find interesting and fact-based stories
  • Pick material that makes your targeted audience look intelligent and classy
  • Post things that have an emotional and psychological appeal

Post more images

Content rich in images gets more views and it’s shared more frequently on social media. This is especially true for Facebook and Twitter, where posts with interesting images get shared more and have a better chance of going viral.


**About the Author: Meesha has been working with writing challenged clients for over three years. She provides ghostwriting and ghost editing service as well. She’s currently working with SmileTutor as a tuition teacher.