Your marketing efforts now must be innovative in order to enhance your branding in the digital realm. Today, you must be proactive and seek new ways to present your company to customers through many different channels.

Read on to find out how to get your brand to the right customers in a distinctive way.

Find your customers

Social media platforms and applications come and go, often very quickly, and what works for one area of the market probably won’t work for all of the others. Companies are now using Facebook to target a generally older audience which is less knowledgeable about newer technologies, while Snapchat has phenomenally increased in popularity with a younger audience.

Companies have rushed to take advantage of this opportunity, and the total amount of money spent on advertising on this platform is set to grow to over $760 billion by 2020. Young adults are the most likely to keep up with a brand through social media, so it’s very important to know where your audience goes to find the brands they love.

Call to action

People are motivated by instant gratification, and they will tune out if something seems too complicated. A call to action can combat this by directing customers straight to your product with no more than a single click. This should be the case every time a customer sees your brand online. The page or app that they lead to should be clear, simple, engaging, and interactive.

Average estimates indicate that a call to action located on a Facebook page will generally increase the click-through rate by over 280% which will impact significantly on the brand’s success. It’s easy to add a call to action to all your posts and blogs, so make sure that you are taking every opportunity to use them.

Establish your brand

Location is often the key, and digital positioning is much like when individual stores moved from their original settings and set up shop inside malls all over the USA. It was important for those stores to find new locations close to entrances or on major cross sections to make sure that they would have a huge amount of traffic passing by.

Google rankings are the online equivalent to this, which is why content marketing and SEO are essential for your brand’s success. The challenges of a current global market require of companies vanguard creative thinking, with fresh skillsets and competencies, to differentiate and position their brands, explains this current undergraduate course in creative advertising and branding.

Rely on the statistics

If you manage to get your brand’s homepage onto Google’s top spot, you can expect an average gain of just over 30% of the traffic from the keywords that were searched. If you still do well enough and manage to get listed in the second position, you can expect traffic to be cut down to around half that, at a little over 15%. This is quite a dramatic drop!

You can still remain listed on the first page, although towards the bottom, but you see your share plummeting down to around only 2%. This is why it’s imperative to dominate search rankings –otherwise, how will customers know that you exist? If that wasn’t enough, this is made more difficult with the use of keywords having become less effective in recent years in order to maintain an accurate algorithm.

Adapt and progress

Platforms, technologies, and ways of working will change constantly on the internet, and you can get left behind if you are not able to adapt with them. You might not be an expert in tracking social media trends or discovering new digital marketing channels, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t employ someone who is.

Not many people could have predicted the enormous success of companies such as Facebook and MySpace when they first became a way for us to connect with friends –but years later, social media has evolved into a gigantic marketplace and somewhat of a marketing Mecca. Nonetheless, someone had the far-sightedness to see the long-term potential of these companies and the marketing opportunities available within, and you can bet that they are already ahead of the game, looking for the next big thing.

Keeping up with ever-changing digital marketing trends is essential for appealing to your audience and not letting your company fall by the wayside. For this reason, having a team member experienced in this area (or an entire team of digital marketing experts for more serious enterprises) will considerably alleviate the pressure of these tasks and allow for innovation and an acute awareness to lead your brand to its full potential.


**About the Author: Jennifer Hahn Masterson is a senior business strategist who holds an MA degree in business communication. She is always doing her best to help her clients find their place in this ever-so-competitive business arena. You can check her out on LinkedIn and Twitter.