Each week on our blog, we share our latest updates, bug fixes, and improvements to FlowReader with you in our Release Notes.

release notes


Here’s a detailed change log for our last release:


  1. Added favicons for RSS feeds (in list view).
  2. Autoscroll for moving feeds between categories in Settings.
  3. Improved the overall design of the Settings page.
  4. Improved highlighting and colors for new items posted to streams.
  5. Hovering over an article time now displays the full date.
  6. Added New Status, Sorting Options, and Mark all as read to mobile version.
  7. Optimized the layout for reading content on mobile version (fit content to width and favicons).
  8. Faster user interface response on mobile version (similar behavior to a native app).
  9. Fixed “Mark all as read” functionality.


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