For five years, Readability offered readers a chance to bookmark online articles for later reading. One of the most popular “read it later” apps, Readability made it easier to save things you came across that caught your attention, even though you didn’t have enough time to read them right away.

Despite its great features, Readability’s updates stopped over two years ago, and the program has been running on automatic mode since then. On September 30th, it will be shut down.

If you were a Readability user and loved their Read View mode (which offered uncluttered reading pages), you might want to give FlowReader a try.

With FlowReader, you have the option to follow your favorite blogs and websites, and save any post from there to read later.


Even better, with FlowReader you have a chance to organize your feeds in three different formats: Expanded View, Compact View, and Read View.


The first picture above shows the Compact View. If you prefer to see a longer snippet of text to help you decide whether an article is worth saving for later reading, you can opt to see your feed in Expanded View, which looks like this:


Finally, you have a Read View, which looks very similar to what you’re used to seeing in Readability:



The Read View option in FlowReader allows you see all your saved posts in the same place, without having to access other sites. This makes your reading quicker, convenient and a lot easier to track and organize.


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