While that means there’s a substantial opportunity in this market, it also means you’ll have to do more than ever to stand out from the crowd. Traditional, generic marketing approaches are no longer viable, and users are looking for more engaging content.

To get results, you’ll have to start getting more creative with marking material across all channels, from advertising on Facebook to building out email campaigns for a product launch. When it comes to the latter, best practices like segmenting lists and performing regular list clean up will still be important, but you will have to take action to capture the attention of your subscribers.

A successful social media marketing strategy involves both evergreen and one-off content. Evergreen content is intended to be valuable over a long period of time and interesting to future readers, while one-off pieces are tied to the time they’re published and not meant to create sustained interest.

Create one-off pieces for newsworthy information

Evergreen content is typically not based on a specific piece of information, but rather a general topic or idea. That’s why one-off content is especially valuable when you need to announce something to your audience or generate interest around a specific topic for a limited time.

These pieces are often connected to a season or event, and most of their readers are expected to lose interest after that time ends. For that reason, one-off content should generally be used when something is coming up or actively taking place in current events. A product launch is a great time to apply this type of content.

Build long-term interest (and your backlink profile)

While one-off content is expected to lead to a large spike in interest followed by a steep decline, evergreen pieces are designed to provide value over time and attract readers well into the future. This makes it more difficult to attract large numbers of readers in the short-term, and won’t be as helpful if you’re trying to push a new product.

On the other hand, evergreen content builds a long-term relationship with readers and connects them with your brand. It can also have a significant impact on your backlink profile, which will help your SEO rankings and your ability to get hits on one-off pieces for future product launches.

Deciding on the right content

There’s no question that both types of content are valuable to businesses and their readers. But how can you choose between them in a specific situation?

     Balancing the short- and long-term: One of the most important aspects of one-off content is its ability to produce urgency, a great way to increase sales. By contrast, evergreen content maintains this interest throughout the year and in the absence of a specific event.

●     Your own workload: A one-off campaign can mean a lot of sleepless nights and working weekends if you’re pushing a specific product, but it also leads to a substantially lighter workload after the launch. Balancing that with evergreen content will lead to a more continuous approach.

However you decide to approach content creation, you should always be promoting your products on every channel you have available—including email, which offers a 4400% ROI. Providing value through both one-off and evergreen content will keep your customers interested in both specific launches and your brand more generally.