We all have habits and daily routines, but we don’t always stop to think about their influence on our work, productivity, and, life in general.

Still, when you think about famous authors over the years, it’s hard to miss the fact that all of them had (or still have) a daily routine that helped them come up with ideas and increased their overall writing productivity. For example, Mark Twain couldn’t write without a cup of coffee, and Truman Capote wrote lying down!

Still, a cup of coffee or writing in bed is fairly tame. Some famous writers did things that were just downright weird and awkward:

William Faulkner typed with his toes with his shoes on his hands. Carson McCullers wore a sweater made from rabbit feet. Victor Hugo wrote naked.

So, does any of this strange behavior have a rational explanation? Is there a real motivation behind it? Do writing habits really play an important role in an author’s ability to create?

The infographic below created by Mike from Bid4Papers tries to answer some of these questions. Its creators examined about 100 famous writers in order to compare their quirkiest habits and tried to analyze them to help us understand how they can influence a writer’s productivity.

Here are some of our favorites:

The list goes on. Take a look at the infographic to learn more facts about these writers and their habits. There’s also an interesting post with it that’s worth a read!

The Opposite Habits of Famous Writers:

The Opposite Habits of Famous Writers by Bid4Papers


What’s the strangest writing habit you’ve ever heard about? 

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