You can now export your FlowReader feeds to an OPML file with a single click! 

opml export


This is just a quick post to announce we have added an OPML export for your FlowReader subscriptions!

Since our launch last year, a few people have requested a way to download the RSS feeds they follow in FlowReader. At the time, we had our hands full finishing bigger tasks, like our redesign and resolving performance issues.

So, we’re happy to finally be able to offer this option to users.

Since many people are relying on cloud services more and more, it’s very important to us that you trust us with your data. We feel a big part of that trust is built on being able to take your data elsewhere should you decide to leave (but of course we hope you choose to stay).

Here’s how to export your subscriptions:

Step 1: Click the +Add content tab at the top of your left side menu.

Step 2: Scroll down and click Export OPML file.



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