Staying productive

When it comes to productivity, your couch is your enemy, according to Richard Keller, founder of Wooden Pants Publishing. “You sit down and reach for the remote and your brain becomes that of a lizard,” Keller says. “You need to pretend that your couch, television, video games, and portable electronics don’t exist in order to keep productivity flowing.“

Having a hard time fencing off distractions at home? Keller suggests heading to the library, a coffee shop, or a bench at your local park. “Changing the venue can do wonders to increase productivity,” Keller explains. “Especially when you can’t help but fold that laundry or binge watch Grocery Games.”

Social Media Dangers

Being compulsive on social media is another time killer, according to Keller. “You think you’ll spend 10 minutes looking at new posts, but then you’ll see a video that interests you,” Keller says. “That turns into other video watching, comments, empty arguments with Internet trolls, and frustrated posts in social media on the events which just took place.”

The solution? Keller suggests using one of the numerous apps out there that turn off the Internet for a period of time while you maintain your productivity. “The downside to this is the inability to search the Web for material,” says Keller. “To correct this, make sure you perform the research ahead of time before you shut down access.”

Take Advantage of Tools and Technology

Another way to stay productive is to use the Pomodoro method. “Simply put, set a kitchen or online timer, like that the one available at, for 25-minute intervals with five minute breaks,” says Keller. “After three of these intervals, there is a 15 minute break.“ This method usually works well for people who tend to get distracted or spent too much time on tasks that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Another great tool for productivity? Rescue Time, which tracks what websites and computer programs you spend the most time on. This is a great way to figure out where your time is going and which hours are the most (and least) productive for you.

Overall, the way to stay productive is a mindset, according to Keller. “Listen to your creative soul to determine the path you need to take,” he adds.


** About the author: Richard Keller is a full time writer and publisher for his company, Wooden Pants Publishing. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter