With the new Read View, you can now read fully formatted articles right in FlowReader for faster, more focused reading. Let’s take a look at how it all works!

article read view

One of the features in our roadmap we’ve been looking forward to the most is Read View. As we’ve mentioned before, the inconsistency of RSS content was a challenge we couldn’t wait to tackle in FlowReader.

RSS readers are personal, and we like to provide the best possible options for all types of reading habits! This is why, we felt it was important to provide a full content reading option for all the items that end up in your reader.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to Enable Read View

To access Read View, click the new armchair icon next to your list and expanded view options:


Click the armchair icon to enable Read View!

Once you’ve turned on Read View, simply select any article and it will open in a reading lightbox.

Of course, if you prefer to use FlowReader to browse, you can still read articles using the list and expanded views, or save your favorite items to read them later.

Full Text Articles, Consistent Formatting

You’ve probably added sources to your reader from all over the web. It’s great there are so many sites to choose from, but it also means that the content is often inconsistent. Not only are there several types of RSS feeds, but they can also be customized to provide or restrict the content that is published.

This means you have RSS content that ranges from summaries to full text articles, and in some cases, no text at all!

FlowReader now downloads and processes the full text version of articles, so you can read everything without having to leave your Reader tab.

Any articles you open in Read View will be stored on your browser, so you can open them instantly for later reading.

Read Faster and Stay Focused

If you’re content junkies like we are, time is a precious commodity. When you’re in Read View, you’ll be able to get through more articles!

In Read View, you can move to the next article in your list straight from the reading lightbox without having to close it and return to your Home or Reader tabs.

move through items

Pro Tip: You can also use the left or right arrows on your keyboard to make browsing extra speedy!

Save and Share Your Favorites

We wanted you to be able to save and share content without having to leave Read View.

You can save an article by clicking on the Save for later icon at the top of the lightbox and it will appear in the Saved for later tab of your left menu.

tool bar read view


You’ll also be able to post, tweet, or email items by clicking on any of the icons in the sharing tool bar. To send items to other services such as Evernote or Pocket, just click on the ellipsis icon.

This is one of our biggest changes to date, and as always, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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