Every minute, more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube. Many people are creating and uploading their videos hoping to become a Youtube sensation. While YouTube can be a great opportunity to showcase your talent, basic mistakes can lead to a loss of viewers.

Here’s what you can do to avoid those issues.

Uniform your uploads

For better results, always upload your videos at a specific interval of time as it will promote audience engagement with your YouTube channel.

You should also make your videos consistent in tone –if you keep on experimenting with different types of videos, you will lose your subscribers. To engage your subscribers you should either offer quality content that matches your channel type or you can do series on different topics on alternate days. Always provide options to your subscribers and add new elements so they keep coming back.

No one cares about you

After starting a career on YouTube, people generally assume that visitors are there to listen to their opinion. This is a big mistake as people are essentially there to be entertained, to learn something or to accomplish their own goals. No one is there to listen to your opinion.

Comparing yourself to famous YouTube personalities is a mistake too — these people have invested years and lots of hard work to be where they are and you can’t become just as popular in days or weeks. Just because people watch your videos doesn’t mean that they’re your die-hard fans. If you lack uniformity or quality in your content, they will simply find someone else to fulfill their needs.

Complex or long videos

Keep your videos short and easy to understand — you’ll soon figure out that most people are ready to watch six videos of 30 seconds each but will refuse to watch a single video that’s two minutes long.

Whenever possible, create videos with great content that are also concise in order to make it time-efficient for your viewers to stick with your channel.

Avoid Copyrighted Content

This is the most common mistake people make on YouTube — They upload famous movie clips or upload a video from sites like rainierland or other streaming sites to get more views. However, these methods are illegal and may lead to a ban your YouTube channel.

Instead of using copyrighted material, take some time to develop your own original script and show your audience how you plan on delivering your content.

Not using social media platforms

Simply uploading your video on YouTube is not enough. You need to create some buzz of your own. This can be done using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get an interested audience for your video and to help increase your user base.

Create Content You Know Something About

While it might be tempting to create a video on a topic that’s trending, this isn’t always a good idea, unless you also happen to be an expert on the topic.

Focus on creating content that is original and useful and connected to a topic you are passionate about. People respond positively to videos that are made with passion and will come back to your channel again to experience the same.

Add a Subscribe Button

People watching your videos should be retained through subscribing –and one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a creator is to not embed a Subscribe button in your video. Creating a YouTube channel is difficult and it’s even more difficult to create content for this platform.

Adding a Subscribe button and directly asking viewers to like and subscribe can be an easy and effective way to grow your audience.

Break Your Channel Into Categories

As you upload more videos on your channel, make sure you create some sort of organization to make it easier for your audience to find them. This will also prevent your audience from scrolling down and getting lost in a long list of videos.

In the end

As the biggest platform video, YouTube can be a great way to showcase your talent and skills to the world — as long as you don’t make these mistakes and ruin your chances. Take your time to create original and unique content that gives your audience something interesting to engage with rather than just a product to buy.

[written by Sanya Sharma]