Social media is no longer a youthful fad for youngsters sharing experiences for fun but a consumer-rich platform for digital marketers. 

As a leading social platform, Facebook is a vibrant space that is fully representative of the social strata and can be an excellent source of leads for businesses with the right marketing strategy.

Facebook has the right mix of user demographics that any smart digital marketer or business executive thinking about launching an SMM campaign must explore. User statistics on Facebook are overwhelming and an indication of a powerful medium for marketing. Here is how to make the most out of Facebook. 

Getting started

A Facebook page is easy to set up, is free to operate, and is open to all. You can start at this level and link it to your website, post content, and interact with your followers at no cost to test the waters. 

However, you run a serious business that requires competent, effective marketing for maximum profits and growth. What you need is a Facebook business page on which to customize your marketing to suit your business.

Social media experts at say that setting up a Facebook business page will open the door to exclusive paid marketing strategies that include Facebook ads. Your business gains access to over 1.6 billion daily active users that could be your prospective customers. You join over 180 million other smart businesses using Facebook apps to connect with customers.

Create a Facebook marketing strategy

E-commerce email statistics have demonstrated a correlation between messaging design and target audience characteristics in effective digital marketing. 

The content must resonate with the target audience to generate interest at first sight or the campaign flops. To leverage Facebook’s social media marketing profitably, creating a strategy is imperative and the first point of departure.

Here is a walkthrough on how to create a Facebook marketing strategy.

Identify your audience

To define your audience, start by isolating the likely consumers of your product or service and then delve deeper into their age, occupations, locations, activity on Facebook, and possible pain points you can resolve. 

To conceptualize this data and turn it to your advantage, you need the Facebook audience insights tool that is going to prove invaluable on this platform.

Define the type of content post

Now that you know your audience, next, define what type(s) of content you intend to post. Start by understanding what types of posts are suitable for Facebook. Text and photo posts offer the initial contact that ignites engagement and may create a viral effect that ropes in numbers. 

Recorded videos and live video posts are exciting and have the real-time response that you can engage in creating relationships if not for conversion. Facebook polls and linked posts offer engagement that is more serious but by social listening, you will know which post type works best for the business. 

Set goals

Now armed with credible and deeper audience insights, revisit your business objectives and set achievable goals to drive your Facebook marketing campaign. 

The goals you set will define the core messaging in your ads, posts, and comments on Facebook while creating your brand identity. Set clear goals for lead generation, increased conversions, superior CX, and customer retention for sustainability.

Set your action plan

Self-promotion is a no-go on social media as it appears intrusive and lacks immediate value for the recipient. The social media audience is mainly interested in solutions to pain points and delivering content that addresses this will garner interest and engagement that you can convert. 

You may try the 80-20 rule or the social media rule of thirds for your content strategy to ensure a balanced mix for effective digital marketing. Create a content calendar to help you stay consistent for maximum effect.

Prime your Facebook page 

For best results, optimize your Facebook business page for greater user experience. The page must be easy to access through links across other online platforms you run and, at the same time, incorporate simple navigation tools for enhanced user experience. 

Optimize the Facebook share and like buttons to give impetus to your content for effective marketing even as you post entertaining and business content. However, whatever you do, stay engaged on your Facebook business page to grow your following.

Let employees take the lead

Facebook is a social media platform that thrives on people’s engagement with others. Whereas bots may be a good idea to run your social media campaigns, including auto-replies, their use creates an impersonal relationship. 

Followers want to attach human faces to a business they interact with and employees can provide this by engaging followers on the company Facebook page. Develop curated content that employees can share on the business page for a more intimate engagement with your followers.

Ask for fan content

Inviting your followers to share their content is a great way of collecting consumer insights. The shared content may include their experiences, views on your products, and photos that can enhance your visual marketing effort. Learning from this content can also redirect your creative strategy to conform and be more responsive.

Monitor, evaluate, and improve

Once your Facebook business page is up and running, do not sit back and hope it will run itself. Keep a close watch on the KPIs you set in the social media marketing strategy to ensure the page is working optimally and meeting all goals efficiently. 

Facebook Audience Insights is the must-have tool to help you keep track of performance using excellent metrics with good analytics for further refinement.


Any good strategy is never impulsive; the process involves serious research and expert input. Facebook is a goldmine of marketing opportunities that require consistency to exploit fully. Take a scientific approach to your Facebook marketing with goal setting, metrics, and continuous strategy review for exponential growth in ROI.

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