Well, think no more. Viral content can’t be created overnight. Some of it can, but that’s the kind of content that lasts a few days and then disappears. You need content that will be shared for a longer period of time. There are plenty of useful tips to make your blog posts viral and below are some of them.

List posts do great

The most popular way to go viral is to make a list post. People just love those. You’ve probably opened a lot of list posts and were disappointed by the content. Try to avoid that and make sure your content is fresh, informative and fun.

Create how-to posts

A lot of people visit pages that contain tutorials. Choose among numerous step by step DIY projects and make your own guide, and there’s a chance it’ll become viral. Include a lot of descriptive photos and avoid jargon speak. Try to be professional and explain the project in detail so everyone could understand.

Try a long-form blog post

In order to get yourself long form content, you’ll need to put a lot of research and time into it. The text should be between 2000 and 10000 words long. While these posts can go viral, be aware that they will probably be bookmarked more often than they’ll get read.

Case studies

Try to exploit the popularity of some brand whose product you used and liked. Share your feelings and thoughts and let them know you’ll be posting it soon. They’ll be happy to get free advertisement and you’ll get big traffic coming your way.

Conversational tone

When writing for someone, don’t hesitate to address them. Always use you/your and similar when writing for a targeted audience. Try to create a conversation between you and your reader. The more sincere you are, the more people will recognize it and start sharing your content.

Content needs to be visually appealing

Don’t ever forget that people are visual creatures. Therefore, always include great images in your posts to improve the blog’s overall aesthetic. Webdel WordPress developers strongly recommend that you implement responsive design, so your content looks great on every device.

Communicate with your audience

Another great practice besides conversational tone is a clear call to action. Ask your audience to help you by sharing your post on social media. Ask them to share their thoughts with others by commenting. This action will add to your popularity on social media, provide you with great feedback, and you’ll be better prepared when writing the next piece.

Include a video

Some messages are better received if you use a different channel of communication, so go ahead and make a video for your next blog post.

Write high-quality content

Without real value, you won’t be able to go viral or perhaps even be noticed. The internet is full of filler content so please try to avoid adding to this malpractice. Write compelling content from your own knowledge and experience, and be yourself. Of course, you should learn from the best but don’t forget to be different. People don’t like reruns.


** About the Author: Hannah Thomas is a freelance web developer with a love for writing.