keyboard shortcuts


Keyboard shortcuts are handy tricks to help speed up your reading and content curation. Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts in general is helpful for any professional or heavy internet user.

They not only help you work faster, but more efficiently.

In fact, one of the first features requested by users on our feedback forum after FlowReader launched was the ability to move through items using keyboard shortcuts.

So, if you’re using FlowReader everyday (or even just want to avoid the endless mouse or touchpad scroll), here are 3 keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your reading and optimize your FlowReader experience.

Select the next item in the list with J

Move quickly through items you’d like to read in both your RSS reader or your home screen. Select the item where you’d like to start and then, press J. Personally, I prefer to view my reader items in the List view because it’s easier on my eyes. However, if you like browsing content in the article view, all our shortcuts will work with both.

To see it action, watch the video below:

Select the previous item in the list with K

Going back to older items that you’ve read is easy as well. Just press K, and you’ll be able to move back up the screen. If you have any problems, just make sure you’ve selected an item and are not somewhere else on the page.

Check out the video to see how it works:

Expand items you’re reading with the Space bar

The Space bar shortcut is one of our favorites. By pressing on Space, you’ll be able to expand items in both your List and Article view. Don’t waste time by clicking on Read More / Read Less.

We recorded it, just in case you were curious:

What other shortcuts would you like to see on FlowReader? How can we improve our keyboard shortcuts? Leave a suggestion below or on Facebook. You can also tweet to us directly, @flow_reader.