However, you may still hesitate to ramp up your branding efforts and wonder if all the work will not result in more customers becoming interested in what you offer.

Here are several compelling reasons branding could increase your customer base and bring other desirable changes. 

Branding helps shape people’s perceptions

Your brand is one of the foremost things that helps people understand what your company stands for and why they should choose it over other options. What qualities immediately come to mind when consumers think of your brand? Maybe they perceive it as an option for reasonably priced, high-quality goods. Conversely, perhaps it provides handmade, one-of-a-kind collector’s items. 

Once people begin to identify your brand, they also start creating an emotional connection to it. Perhaps you have a coffee shop with an outdoor seating area and make sure to always leave bowls of water for pets in that area. Such a decision helps people view your business as an animal-friendly one. Fellow pet lovers will likely choose your shop over others when they crave specialty coffee drinks because of the positive emotions surrounding it. 

How your employees feel about working at a company can also build a brand and interest new customers. For example, if your workers become natural ambassadors for the business, people will more likely view it as an organization worth supporting because its leaders value the workforce.  

Good branding can highlight your values

Branding can also appeal to new customers by clarifying what matters to you. When that happens, like-minded people often decide to do business with your company based on their corresponding priorities. Drawing attention to values is more straightforward and less expensive than you may think.

For example, if you’re committed to environmental sustainability, look for 100% recycled or compostable packaging. Alternatively, you might feature a banner on your website that mentions how you donate a portion of all profits to a domestic violence refuge or only use all-natural ingredients in products. 

When using your branding to strengthen values, try to give as many specifics as possible. You could state where your donations go or explain why a process your company recently started using saves substantial environmental resources. People will appreciate the details, and they show that you’re serious and are not merely displaying a benefit for publicity’s sake. 

Emphasizing branding can grow sales

Many business leaders want to market their companies on a tight budget. The good news is social media gives you a low-cost — and even free — way to acquaint more people with your organization’s brand. It can also increase your sales numbers. After all, some consumers will come across your social media pages before they find your website. 

Moreover, statistics show that approximately 53% of Twitter users are more likely to buy products after seeing relevant information on the platform. Treat your social media feeds as aspects of a broader branding strategy. You’ll lose followers if you solely use your platform to sell. However, you can advertise items occasionally while helping more users get to know your merchandise. 

Consider which elements of your brand and its products are most likely to matter to your target audience. Then, call out those attributes. For example, you might have a home fragrance brand. If most of your followers have young children, one approach could remind people that your products only include natural, nontoxic ingredients — perfect for any household with toddlers. After sharing that information, you might mention a buy-one-get-one-free sale happening now.

Livestreamed events can give your brand a broader reach

The internet’s accessibility can spread your brand much more quickly than offline methods. For example, existing platforms let you stream live events to people who live in other parts of the country or the world. It’s then easier to gain traction in the global marketplace instead of only in your community. 

Additionally, a livestreamed event can create a buzz that makes people want to attend. For example, you could hold a product debut online and provide a discount code to attendees, so they can save when purchasing the newly released items. You could also read real-time comments from viewers, giving them the chance to have their thoughts broadcast to the world. 

Live events hosted online can also spark interest in your products, even if consumers may never see these in a physical store. Some buyers may hear about things that are not available near them, but are online. If a product costs a lot or is difficult to assess through a text- and photo-based website description alone, a live, interactive event could strengthen your brand by helping people feel more confident about shopping online to buy what you sell. 

Beautiful branding makes people enjoy and return to businesses

Have you thought about visual branding’s impact on how much workers and customers enjoy your company’s environment? One study found that 73% of women and 64% of men agreed that workplace design affected their workdays. Workplace design could involve things like furniture and the layout. However, there’s also a growing assortment of affordable, temporary measures that improve the design and turn your building into a beautiful space. 

For example, wall decals can brighten up a room and feature your company’s logo. You can also use branded wraps in places people might not expect, such as on your staircase or in an elevator. Those efforts show creativity and make your branding more memorable. They prove how you’ve paid attention and focused on brand recognition in eye-catching ways. 

Companies also frequently use environmental graphics to help people get their bearings when arriving in a new place. Imagine if a new web design client opens the door to your building and immediately sees a colorful arrow pointing the way to the reception desk. Being in an unfamiliar place can become overwhelming. Fortunately, customized signs and graphics can remove that emotion while enhancing branding. 

Branded content can convey authority and boost trust

Many company decision-makers realize that they can progress with their branding efforts by educating potential customers. After that revelation, the next step is to figure out what kind of content interests people the most and the best ways to distribute it. Though you should not focus too much time and effort on any single channel, Facebook could be an excellent starting point. It has more than 1.6 billion daily active users who could become your next customers. 

Determine what kind of content best suits your audience, too. If they often don’t have much time to get into advanced material, an infographic could teach them some fascinating statistics. Alternatively, if one of your main goals is to increase purchases, whitepapers and case studies could give people the concrete details they need to make smart buys. 

Branded content can convince people that your company provides them with the best choice in the marketplace. You can also base some of the material on recent feedback. For example, if several people said they’d love a how-to guide related to your most popular product line, that’s an option well worth considering. Remember that branded information is easy to share on social media, thereby giving it a chance for an extended, enduring reach. 

Better branding is worth your time

Many people mistakenly assume branding improvements require massive amounts of money and time. Some companies have indeed undergone tremendous efforts requiring sizable resources. However, the suggestions here show how many branding strategies are free or reasonably priced.

Don’t get caught up in the misconception that you need to make all branding changes at once, either. It’s better to do them gradually, as your schedule and budget permits. 

The examples here show that more recognizable branding can increase your customer base. However, you can also expect other benefits, including more competitiveness and better brand recall. It’s time to view branding improvements as worthwhile and within your reach. As you make gains, you’ll experience noticeable payoffs that help you stay focused and upbeat.

**About the Author: Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a prominent digital marketing agency prior to becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philadelphia with her husband and pup, Bear.