That is as far as the easy part is concerned. Now let’s move to the hardest part: writing unique and unforgettable content. Many bloggers struggle with publishing content that attracts volumes of readers. Considering the millions of blogs out there, the competition to catch the attention of readers is rife.

The average reader spends an average of 37 seconds reading through a blog. Readers are also spoilt for choice when it comes to blog posts. They probably checked out some 3 to 5 posts before they got to yours. Other activities such as reading emails, checking trending tweets and social media posts also occupy their time. In essence, they are looking for an excuse to move on to other things.

Unfortunately, if your posts are not engaging, they will move on to other online activities. So how do you avoid this? You write unique, catchy, informative, and memorable posts. And here’s how you can hack this.

Share personal experiences

Readers are drawn to personal experiences simply because they have a sense of realism. Everybody loves to read something that they can relate to and something that’s personal. Many bloggers tend to be mechanistic –and that’s where they go wrong. Their approach to matters tends to be a rigid one, closely bordering on impersonal experiences.

Another mistake is that they tend to write more about other people and what they read from others as opposed to writing about themselves. This explains why when you search for a specific subject, you find repetitive posts by different bloggers.

If you want to write unique and unforgettable content, start by being personal. Everyone has unique circumstances. If they relate to the subject matter of the post, write about them. Your post will stand out from the rest. You will automatically draw the attention of a reader since you’d be providing something new and unique to them.

Use headlines and sub-headings

Before any reader decides that they are going to read your post, they take a glimpse at the headlines and sub-headings in your post. The headline and sub-headings play an important role in tuning the mind of your reader to reading your entire post.

This is not just a call for putting headlines and sub-headings but an encouragement to put captivating and attention-grabbing ones. This is the easiest way to engage your audience from the very beginning. You will get more click-through rates, and your blog will attract massive traffic. If your content is equally engaging, it will remain unforgettable to your audience.

Be Original

Before writing a blog post, many bloggers take a look at what other bloggers have written on the same subject. They also review many topics to see which have created a lot of interest in the online space. While this is a great way to figure out what to write and what to avoid, the final post won’t be as original as it should be.

Even if you rework an old article with a new perspective, a keen reader will notice its origin. In contrast, when you write your own post from scratch without referring to other blogs, you are bound to be more creative. You will play out ideas in your mind and for sure the finished result will be an authentic piece that will capture the interest of many readers. To do this, engage in active reading regularly. This will expose you to many ideas which may come in handy when writing your posts.

Understand your audience

If you want to write a post that’s unforgettable, you need to understand your audience. The value of knowing your audience cannot be over-emphasized. By understanding them, we mean knowing their personalities, preferences, tastes, dispositions, and inclinations. Understanding these aspects makes you write as if you’re directing the message to each one of them individually.

To aid you in this, create an audience persona. This is a construct that integrates all the values and characterizations of your audience. Thus, when you write with this persona in mind, you will, in essence, be writing to engage each person that’s part of your audience. By doing this, your posts will remain memorable as your audience will find them targeted at them.

Be diverse and versatile

As a blogger, your work is to write about ideas and thoughts that you may have on a particular subject. However, if you always lean on a particular idea, your audience may find you boring and rigid. Always keep an open mind when approaching matters. Embrace diversity and versatility when coming up with posts.

A simple idea may have various perceptions. It may have many twists and turns depending on context. Therefore, keep an open mind, and you are sure to come up with a unique and unforgettable post.

Know your stuff

One of the reasons why readers may ghost your blog could be related to your mastery of subjects. When readers detect that a writer has a shallow or poor grounding on a particular matter, they may get turned off instantly. If you lack substantial knowledge on a subject, you will always write basic stuff, which everyone knows about.

If you don’t profess mastery on a particular subject, you can start by undertaking research progressively. Get some good cause and effect topics to study. With time, you will get a good grounding, and this will be reflected in the high quality and informative content. Your audience will love your posts and remember them vividly.

Signal that more is on the way

What better way to keep your audience hooked than giving them something to look forward to? Structure your wordings so that there are linkages formed in the sentences in every paragraph. These linkages signal to them that there is more on the way. It makes them read on to the very end. Utilize wordings that act as lead-ins such as, “You will find about…”, “Find out how …”, “There’s more to…” However, use them sparingly.


Use the above tips to tweak your posts. They are bound to make them unique and unforgettable. Your blog will be added to the favorite list of many readers.

If you’ve tried to tweak your posts in the past, what are some of the approaches that you took to create unique content? Share with us below.

**About the Author: Charles Ebert is a career mentor, motivational speaker & human resources consultant with over 10 years of experience in HR sector. Apart from career mentoring, he loves photography and football. Find him on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook & Google+.