A business can create television adverts, radio commercials, billboard banners, and even paid browser ads to entice customers to learn more about their products and/or services.

One type of marketing that is becoming hugely popular in today’s Internet-centered world is video marketing. Many businesses are catching onto this fact. Video marketing is effective, it is very good at capturing the attention of your potential customers, and best of all, it is pretty cheap. All you really need is a good camera and a good PC.

Video marketing actually comes in many different forms. Some videos are direct advertisements for a product. For example, a car company may use video marketing to display the performance of its latest model.

Some video marketing is educational and aims to improve customers’ knowledge of a brand’s products, for example, a DIY company may provide video tutorials for its tools. The creativity used in video marketing should be superb, and a business can really create some inventive and exciting marketing campaigns.

As you will see in the infographic below, there is a host of businesses who are already using video marketing to great success. Adidas, for example, promoted several of its football boots via video and used legendary footballer Lionel Messi to great effect.

Rukkus, alternatively, used video marketing to allow its customers to see a live preview of the arena seats they have purchased so they can get a feel of how close to the action they will be!

These are just a few examples and there are plenty more as you will see in the infographic below!



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