Originally designed to help educational institutions communicate and share data, it has evolved way beyond anything the creators could have imagined.

And it’s still evolving.

What will the web look like in five or ten years? It’s hard to say. One thing that we can say for sure is that we’ll see the lines between social media and traditional search engines blurring even more.

Users today want easier solutions. They want to be able to run basic internet searches from Instagram. They want simple solutions that make life easier for them.

We’ve already seen the move over to more convenient solutions. Many businesses now allow you to use your Google ID or Facebook profile to register on their websites or apps.

Why influencer marketers must take notice

At first glance, these convenient solutions don’t seem to have much to do with your influencer marketing strategy. But let’s consider this for a moment. Take the apps that aggregate social media feeds for example.

In the past, it made sense for companies to separate their influencer marketing programs across different platforms. It didn’t much matter if you adopted different approaches because the channels were separate.

It didn’t matter if you used the same information on each social media site, because most people only monitor one or two feeds. With the current trend towards a more aggregated approach, we have to change our thinking.

With all feeds showing up in the same app, we’ll have to follow a more cohesive marketing strategy. We’ll have to liven things up a bit. Our followers will be able to see immediately if there’s a disconnect between our different posts.

Creating an integrated strategy across any social media platform is going to entail hard work and creativity. It might also require a multi-directional approach. In 2017, 96% of influencer marketers believed that Instagram was their most important channel.

In 2027, we’ll see influencer marketers branching out across multiple channels. In an aggregated feed, being on two channels doubles your chances of your message being heard. A multi-directional approach will become central to maintaining your influence.