The days of purely textual posts are long gone, so the only option is to produce a lot of visual content in order to maximize conversions on your site.

But how does it function in reality? How can you increase engagement on your website by improving visuals? Keep reading to learn nine super-productive visual marketing techniques.

1. Use the most effective color schemes

Color is the most important component of your visual content strategy, so you have to pay special attention to color schemes. Each color sends a different message, evokes different emotions, and stimulates different reactions.

You should keep that in mind and use hues that suit the branding strategy and encourage website visitors to engage the way you want. Pay attention to the connotation of colors and combine them accordingly.

For example, red screams passion and energy and it is often the best choice if you are targeting younger audience groups. Blue, on the other hand, symbolizes authority and makes a perfect solution for B2B websites targeting senior executives and decision-makers.

2. Mix all types of visuals

Visual content comes in dozens of formats and you shouldn’t be afraid of using them all. What makes this tip so important engagement-wise? Regular website visitors who keep seeing the same type of content will get tired of it sooner or later and it will affect conversion rates long-term.

But if you craft a versatile content plan, you can expect a significant traffic boost and hope to maximize a CTR. What can you add to the content strategy? Apart from images, feel free to publish the following formats:

  • Videos and animations
  • Graphics, charts, and tables
  • Memes and GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Quotes

3. Choose visual themes that match the interests of your audience

Everybody knows that images and other visuals must be interesting and eye-pleasing, but do you ever think about the purpose of your posts?

Graphic designer Jake Gardner explains that visual posts must have a clear goal: “A funny pooch photo will make everyone laugh, but does it have anything to do with your business goals? You have to choose a theme that inspires people to think about your business and interact with it upon watching.”

4. Take advantage of professional tools

The good thing about content creation is that you don’t have to be a professional graphic or web designer to make superior website visuals. All it takes is to use a powerful design platform such as Canva and do the job simply and effortlessly.

Professional tools like Canva are user-friendly, which means you don’t have to waste time learning how to use it. There are thousands of ready-made templates you can customize to create stunning visuals, while drag-and-drop functions make the content creation process even faster.

5. Combine visuals with textual content to tell appealing stories

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, but it works much more effectively when you combine textual and visual content. It also becomes more engaging because people reportedly follow instructions 323% better when visuals are used.

This basically means that content creators should always support textual posts with images and vice versa. It’s a surefire way to craft more compelling content and maximize the engagement of website visitors.

6. Pay attention to visual hierarchy

Another useful tip is to pay attention to visual hierarchy and structure a webpage in a way that looks beautiful and actionable at the same time. How can you achieve this goal? A few hints:

  • Beware of the focal point and use it to grab the attention of your audience
  • Align visual components if you add multiple elements to one page
  • Use enough whitespaces to separate different segments of the page
  • Highlight and enlarge the most significant elements

7.Optimize images for engine searches

The tips we mentioned so far are supposed to impress users who are already checking out your website, but what about people who still haven’t discovered it? SEO is the way to go here, so do your best to optimize images for engine searches.

This helps Google and other engines to index your images and other visual posts, which in turn helps online searchers to discover and engage with your website. It’s a quick task since you only need to write a keyword-rich alt text and optimize image titles to make them discoverable.

8. Point out calls to action

A call to action (CTA) is the single most productive engagement booster you can place on any webpage. In such circumstances, the only reasonable decision is to point out CTA buttons and give them the place they really deserve.

We believe it’s enough to create only one CTA per page, but you can add it to multiple locations. That way, visitors who scroll down the page can run into your CTA many times and get more than one chance to engage as planned.

9. Add social sharing icons

Social platforms and business websites should always support each other. If you add social sharing icons to the website, rest assured a significant portion of visitors will be glad to share interesting content on their profiles and give you additional exposure.

Since the majority of websites run on WordPress, we recommend installing a plugin called Social Media Share Icons. It enables webmasters to add sharing buttons to their websites, so visitors can publish favorite posts on Facebook and other networks using one click only.

The bottom line

Visually appealing websites are not only beautiful but also capable of driving user engagement much more successfully than subpar sites. If you are not satisfied with CTRs, perhaps you should think about enriching your visual content strategy. We showed you nine simple ways to do it, but now it’s time for you to step in and drive website engagement with high-quality visual elements.

**About the Author: Leon Collier is a blogger and a member of several professional writing services, including Assignment Help UK. Leon writes about everything from pop-culture and history to travel and graphic design. He enjoys reading and playing tabletop games on Saturday with his friends. Follow him on Twitter @LeonCollier12