Did you know that small things you do every day can boost your IQ significantly? Scientists believe that the way you use our brain can be affected by things like your hobbies, how active you are and even how much you exercise.

For example, exercising 20-30 minutes per day can raise your verbal intelligence by a whooping 50 percent and increase your IQ by 5 points.

Almost as impressive are puzzles and “thinking” games — those that require you to solve problems — which can raise your IQ by 4 points when done regularly. Puzzles and games affect the part of your intelligence known as “fluid intelligence,” which is connected to the way your brain adapts to new situations to help you resolve problems faster.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that video games can also cause an IQ spike. This is especially true of clue and puzzle games, but, in general, all video games help enhance your visual awareness (the way you recognize and associate things in the real world). So do app games that require social interaction, such as Word With Friends, a Scrabble-like game where you play against other people.

Want to know more? The infographic below includes more tips on quick, fun things you can do daily to improve your IQ.