Branding is no doubt an important part of modern business. And having a logo is a key element of establishing a brand. A logo helps people recognize a brand — For instance, famous shoe brands such as Puma, Adidas and Nike are easily recognizable by their logo alone.

In this post, you will find out seven reasons why a logo is an important part of a brand, and how it can get you more attention on social media. 

It grabs attention

A logo grabs the attention of a potential audience –and with the attention span of users getting shorter and shorter, catching the eye of customers has never been more important. According to recent statistics, a user spends only two to three seconds considering a brand/business. If you miss that window, chances are you’ll also miss a sale.

A logo can help you grab consumers’ attention, but also help you convey the core values of your company in a remarkably unique way. 

Today’s consumers/users will judge your business based on its appearance, so you have to ensure that your visuals speak on your company’s behalf –especially when competing with other strong brands on busy social media channels. 

It makes a strong first impression

Your logo is the one visual chance that you have to make a lasting first impression. It’s the introduction to the company, a chance to make sure potential customers remember you. 

An impressive logo can also improve sales and help you stand out in a busy niche where there’s a lot of competition — especially if you’re just starting to build your social media presence.

It’s the foundation of your brand

Successful branding is partly dependent on an appealing logo. If you want to influence your customers’ emotions, you need to focus on a logo that says something they want to hear. The different elements in a logo, including its colors, fonts, and design, are the ones that determine the story of your brand. A logo creates an identity for your brand and makes it stronger than just a name.

It’s memorable

Your company’s logo should be much more memorable than your brand name. Logos, as we have told you earlier, are a point of identification. These are the symbols that are used by consumers for recognition of your services and products. For instance, all of us remember McDonald’s’ logo, but not everybody can spell the name correctly.

On the other hand, logos are associated with your brand’s memories, which is why it is important to have an attractive logo as the face of your brand.

It separates you from the competition

What is the one element that sets you apart from the vast online competition working on the same niche? While you can create unique content or a stunning new product, your logo will always be the one thing that’s completely different from anything that another brand has to offer.

A well-designed logo can speak about the background and mission of your brand. For example, you can easily tell whether a business offers professional or fun services just by looking at its logo. 

It fosters brand loyalty

Consumers tend to be consistent when it comes to purchasing stuff from a brand. As a business starts growing, the only thing that remains constant and familiar to the consumers is your logo. Once your audience trusts you, you don’t have to put as much effort on selling your products and services –the brand itself will do the hard work for you. 

Your audience expects it

A logo is one of the most expected things from a brand. The audience will look for an image they can associate with your brand, and not having one can create confusion. If you don’t have a brand logo, you are simply missing out on the opportunity to stick your brand in your customers’ minds.

Creating an appealing logo

If you want to design a perfect logo, you can use the help of online logo maker tools. Modern logo makers can help you save a lot of the time and expenses that would come from hiring a traditional designer. There are tons of logo making services on the web, including free options such as

A logo generator is a great option because you don’t need any design experience to create a unique image that will appeal to your audience. This is a great tool to help freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs design a unique logo using easy-to-adjust templates and without spending a fortune.