We don’t know when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, we don’t know how it will end, and so far we can only speculate on its long-term political and economic impact.

These days, taking care of yourself literally means taking care of others. With a general level of anxiety and stress everywhere, it is important to perceive temporary self-isolation not as dreary imprisonment within four walls, but as a time for us to be effective and productive.

1. Start the workday correctly

An office is not only a physical space but a clearly established mode of your life. And now, more than ever, it’s important to keep it.

Start by preparing for the working day. Do not lie in bed with a laptop — organize your own workplace. Before the day starts, shower, brush your teeth and change into comfortable working clothes. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day.

A daily routine will allow you to stay active state rather than indulging in bad habits.

2. Plan your day carefully

Everybody has a different attitude when it comes to planning, but now is a great time to learn how to do it right and understand which format suits you best.

It’s not necessary to use complex organizers. For a lot of people, a sheet of paper and a pen are enough.

Try to group similar tasks together so you don’t have to switch from activities that require high concentration and thoughtfulness to incendiary phone calls, brainstorming, and video chats with numerous participants.

3. Clean up your working space

To work efficiently at home, your workspace must work for you. At the end of the day, put all the files and documents in one place, so that in the morning the table is clean and you can immediately start working.

“The order on the table is the order in the head” is very relevant advice for working from home. We all have different ideas of what an organized workspace looks like — for you, it might be one with a cat on the desk, or one without paperwork everywhere, or one with flowers near the window. Make your workspace yours before you even start working.

4. Find the best desk

We know that a home office is a luxury. Don’t worry if you don’t have one –as a workplace, a kitchen table is just as perfect. And if you are used to a standing desk, an ironing board can help you out.

An excellent solution for both a regular table and a standing desk is a stand for a laptop. Just make sure it’s set up so the screen is at eye level. For this purpose, an ordinary stack of books or some empty boxes will work just fine.

5. Learn something new

If you find yourself with more free time than usual, take advantage of it and start learning something new. This could be a great opportunity to take up a new language, pursue a new hobby, or take classes that can help improve your resume.

6. Stay active

If you already have a healthy lifestyle, then self-isolation is definitely not a reason to quit training. Even if fitness centers are closed where you live, you can still train at home –many fitness bloggers run home version programs.

7. Enjoy the solitude

Self-isolation is a good time to think about the soul, about the eternal. You can, for example, try basic meditation –or challenge yourself to look into something unique and advanced such as Hagakure, a spiritual guide for samurai. Even practices such as yoga can make a big difference if you need to learn to relax.

8. Read more

Do you have a big list of books you’ve been meaning to read for a long time? This is your chance to do it.

9. Listen to podcasts

Podcasts are a progressive and very convenient way to gain new knowledge while spending minimum time on it. You can listen to audio broadcasts in the tub, while you bake your cookies or doing whatever your heart desires.

Or you can even start your own entertaining podcast production. Think about the topic you are good at and be creative! This is the perfect time to do something interesting and new! 


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to stay positive during this time. Just try to forget about all the negativity, be grateful for all the spare time to do all the things you usually don’t have time to and be happy for the opportunity to save the world by staying at home!

* Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash