If you’ve recently spotted something amazing and then found out it was published in 2009, then you have definitely found evergreen content. The benefit of creating this kind of content is that it can still generate leads and shares long after you first write it. As it is so strong and useful, it will also gain the love of your audience, turning them into devoted fans. Here’s how to achieve this.

Give a guide

The first way to make content evergreen is to write a guide. A guide is something that will likely be relevant for a long time, especially if you choose something that doesn’t change often. Beginner’s guides can be especially useful, as the basics of most industries don’t change often even when the more advanced techniques change regularly. Start with a title like “How to…” or “A Beginner’s Guide to…”.

Your content should of course be relevant to your industry. If you sell t-shirts, for example, you could have “How to Style a Classic T-Shirt” or “A Beginner’s Guide to Building a Stylish T-Shirt Collection”.

Be your best

When creating evergreen content, your goal is to have it viewed many times. You want lots of people to read it, so make sure you put forward the best possible content that you can. Make sure you create a longer form article rather than a brief overview. Go deep into the subject, but make sure that your writing is still easy to read and digest.Cut it up into sections and link to other resources to show examples of what you mean. Go through everything with a fine-toothed comb afterwards to be sure that your editing is up to scratch.

Answer a question

Think about how people might find your content. Normally they will be searching for the answer to a question, so try answering one to make your content as relevant as possible. Go for the broadest and most common questions in your industry. What do people really want to know? When you write your content, use your question as the title. Then go ahead and answer it, using the techniques described above to ensure that you give the best answer out there. This will make your content more popular.

Imagine how much traffic you would get if your content ranked first in search engine results for that question!

Update old content

When you have evergreen content, you might still need to update it now and then. For example, let’s say that you put together an article with the title “How to Design Your Own T-Shirt”. The article is still good, but you have discovered a new design service which makes it easy to create graphics for apparel.

You can go back and update the content with a new section on the service. You can also take out any outdated sections. This helps to ensure that your content is always relevant, whilst giving you an excuse to share and promote it again as if it was new. You can also use evergreen articles to create other kinds of content, such as infographics, which your audience will love to share. The more mileage you get from each piece of content, the more potential leads will be generated for your business.

Curate the best

If you aren’t so great at writing the best guides yourself, there’s still a way to ensure that your content is king. All you have to do is curate a best-of post which brings your readers all of the guides in the industry that you would recommend. This could be something along the lines of, “30 Best Ideas For Wearing a T-Shirt”.

You then go ahead and link to 30 other sites who have given ideas on this theme. It can be tricky as you don’t want to send your audience off to a rival company, but you just have to pick your sources carefully.

With evergreen content, you ensure that there is a constant drip of traffic to your website. Putting in a great effort now will give you results that last for years.

** About the Author: With over 9 years of experience helping in establishing successful communication channels between companies and customers, Brian Anders knows a thing or two about reaching a wider audience. Currently, Brian is a part of the team at Zintel company which supports other businesses with powerful phone management services.