“Since I have started my own blog, I have realized how difficult it is to get your content in front of people,” says Ryan Scollon, an SEO & PPC Consultant at UK digital marketing agency Bowler Hat.

If you don’t have a well-established following, social media and Google rankings are your best option to get your blog where it needs to be. Here are some tips from Scollon on how to achieve just that.

FLOWREADER: Of all social media channels, which one would you say is the most useful to promote your blog and to generate more views?

RYAN SCOLLON: I guess it completely depends on your target audience, but Twitter has always been a great platform for me to promote my blog. It allows users to search by hashtags, allowing people to find your posts should you include that hashtag in your tweet. Hashtags are also a great tool for starting your outreach process. You can find people talking about particular topics, then reach out to them and start to build that relationship.

And which social media channel do you think is often ignored (or not used enough) but could provide tons of great tools to increase visibility?

Pinterest and I am guilty of this too. I totally underestimate the power of Pinterest, but I have come across many success stories of bloggers using Pinterest to raise awareness of their blog.

Why is getting links to your website such an important way to get visibility? How does it help you?

By earning links from highly authoritative websites, Google starts to gain more trust in your website and will start to show your posts higher in the search results. People will then naturally come across your posts when searching around on Google. Not only that but if you get linked in a popular blog post or popular website, you also get the chance of earning a bunch of referral traffic. If you know that a particular website gets about 500 views/shares etc, you have the opportunity to get in front of all of those people.

What about outbound links?

Outbound links are just as important. Some people get scared that by having outbound links from your site, you are pushing people away from your blog. I can understand why they would think this, but as long as you are linking to something genuinely useful for the user, they are more likely to come back to your site in the future.

How can you use outreach to get more visibility for your blog? How do you connect/follow other people who might be interested in your blog and help it gain visibility?

People don’t actively look for a new blog to read, well not usually anyway. So the best way to make them aware of your blog is by sticking it right in front of their nose. The key to outreach is all about finding the right target audience. Trying to stick a ‘Top fitness guide for men’ in front of 50 women won’t win you many views. So have a think about your target audience and the types of content they would like to read about. This will make your outreach much more successful. There are many great ways to do outreach, but as mentioned previously, Twitter is a super-powerful tool to find people interested in similar topics to your blog.

Any tips on making your blog unique and special so you attract readers?

It’s all about finding the right angle. Most popular blogs do something special, something that makes them different to every other blog out there. Creating simple templates or guides to add to your ‘how to’ posts, or maybe just a particular style of writing or imagery can be enough to attract an audience.

Any other tips or ideas that you think can help new blogs reach a larger audience?

A great way to reach a larger audience is to reach out to influential people in your industry. You will need to build a relationship with them, but if you can gradually work towards the goal of having them feature on your website, that can be a great way to reach a larger audience and gain more authority in the industry. The influencers will most likely be willing to share it on social media too, so your post will get shared out in front of all of their followers and fans

** About the Author: Ryan Scollon is an SEO & PPC Consultant at UK digital marketing agency Bowler Hat. His insights have also been featured on Matthew Woodward Linkdex and you can find more of his work on his website.