[guest post by Jessica Gust]

Instead, it’s important that you make the right moves to fuel it up and keep it growing! Here are our 8 top tips on how to do that successfully.

1. Invite Friends, Family, and Connections

As soon as you set up your page, the first thing that you want to do is to invite everyone you know to like it. Family members will be more or less obligated to like it, so you should start to see your fans growing fairly quickly! Friends and work colleagues are also more likely to follow the page, whether out of genuine interest or a sense of social obligation. Take advantage of this – the more fans you can quickly get from your own network, the better.

2. Start Posting

You will want to set up a post schedule right away, and start populating your page with posts. There are various types of post you can add. These include status updates, photographs, and videos. Add a few in each section to start out so that you can get the ball rolling. This helps to prevent your page from looking sparse when visitors arrive.

3. Post Regularly

Don’t stop posting. Use a service like Buffer to queue up your posts in advance, and also to determine the best time of day to post. Queue up as many updates in advance as you can – this means that the updates will keep flowing even if an emergency arises to keep you away from the computer for a few days!

4. Update the Essentials

It’s time to make sure that everything is filled in properly. Add as much information as you can to the page details, and remember to add a professional-looking profile image and cover image. These can be done by a professional graphic designer if you don’t know what to use. It’s important to give off the right impression.

5. Cross-Promote

Most people use more than one social network, so your business should too. On other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter, make sure that you direct people towards your Facebook page. You can even do this on your personal accounts to ensure that as many people see it as possible. You can even reuse some of the same content on different networks to get your point across!

6. Keep Calm

Most businesses at this stage will throw in the towel and try to pay their way to success. But no matter what you do, don’t cave in and buy an advert or boost a post. As soon as you have done this, your engagement will drop across the rest of your posts, as the Facebook algorithm favours paid advertisements more than normal posts and wants to force you to pay again.

7. Analyze

Use your queue app, or the built-in Facebook tools, to analyse your posts. Which are the most popular and get the most clicks? Post more of these. Which get the least engagement from your fans per view? Post less of these.

8. Join Groups

Facebook groups are the best place to showcase your page. Join one which is focused around your niche or targeted towards bloggers as this is where you are likely to get the most engagement. Be sure to follow the group rules, but promote your page there as much as you can.

It’s simple to get your Facebook page fueled up if you know how. With these tips, you won’t believe how easy it is to grow.


** About the Author: Jessica Gust is a Marketing Assistant at Localpeek.co.uk, a new postcode finder. She is passionate about new marketing strategies and always eager to share her ideas through blogging.