Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with an idea for rich and shareable content. With so much of it being generated every day on the web, it’s not easy to offer something engaging and original. Fortunately, there are some smart ways in which you can help yourself in creating great content and ensuring that it’s completely unique.

Here are four key tips for finding content ideas whenever you lack inspiration.

Check out your competition

Having an idea about what your competitors are up to is always a good thing. You’ll know which content works for their audiences and what to write about in order to be original. Have a look at their social media feeds and blogs to see how they handle their content – where do they promote their blog posts? This will be really helpful in formulating your own strategy for content creation.

Define your target audience

If you haven’t got a clue who you’re writing for, you won’t be able to come up with engaging content. Before you make your first move, make sure you get the facts about your target audience – their average age, education, gender and location. Do you know what the main problems they face in the sector or niche are? Delve into your analytics and you’ll be surprised at how inspiring a better knowledge of your audience and their expectations can be.

Go for data-rich posts

Users simply love data – infographics and blog posts that feature lots of information and analyze it in a funny or original way are very popular. Incorporating data into your content will also make it educational, and that’s something every audience appreciates.

A good way to visualize data is using infographics – surprise your audience, choose your data carefully and present your point using only relevant information. Always list all your sources at the bottom of the infographic, together with your social media buttons and website address.

Tools for generating interesting ideas

If you lack inspiration, you can use one of these smart tools to get some interesting ideas, see what others are talking about and check which topics are trending:


Enter a keyword and you’ll see a list of all blog posts around the web that include it. Browsing the list of those titles, you’ll get inspired and ensure that your content offers a fresh take on a popular subject.

Linkbait Title Generator

By typing a keyword, you can pick between categories like ‘lists’, ‘shocking’, ‘fun’ or ‘controversial’ and find exactly what you are looking for to inspire you in content creation.


Alltop is a tool that lists top stories from around the web, granting you an insight into topics that are trending. All data is sourced from the biggest news resources like TechCrunch, Mashable and The New York Times. You can also check custom-selected lists of topics from major industry figures to see what inspires them.


This smart tool offers a wealth of content ideas in just a few clicks. A phrase or keyword is enough – Übersuggest generates a list of related topics, helping you to create original content and address new audiences.


Quora is probably the best place to listen to the conversations happening among your target audience. You’ll get an idea about what they talk about, and what their main problems and issues are. By providing answers to these questions, you’ll make sure that your content is relevant and engaging.

Creating inspiring content takes a lot of research and patience. Remember that on the web, timing is everything. If you provide the right content at the right moment, your post will have a good chance at going viral – but that can happen only if it’s original, relevant and brings value.

Image Source: Heisenberg MediaGary Barber, Simon Cunningham


Kelly Smith works as a marketing specialist at Career FAQs. She’s interested in new tech solutions and everything digital.