Digg Reader was one of the earliest RSS readers. It was originally launched in 2013 as a response to Google Reader shutting down its own reader.

Digg announced its closure with less than two weeks’ notice and a simple note on their site that read “Digg Reader is planning to shut down on March 26, 2018. Sign in to export your data. It’s been fun.”

While no reasons were given for the closure, the assumption is that the reader was either too expensive to operate or just lost popularity. Digg Reader had been plagued by a number of issues from the start, including lack of basic features such as tagging, search, and login options. Earlier reviews had stressed that the service was “only good enough” and that “hopefully it would improve over time,” but Digg Reader never got over its original problems – and in the end, that might have led to its dismissal.

With Digg’s departure, users who want to be able to manage online content might feel a little lost, especially if they’re looking to integrate social networks like YouTube or Twitter. If you had a chance to save your feeds or want a fresh start, why not give Flowreader a try?

We have much to offer:

  • category organization
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • list and expanded view
  • sorting options
  • the option of signing in with Twitter, Google or Facebook so your feeds are protected
  • the ability to save and share easily to Facebook, Twitter, Buffer, Tumblr, and more
  • the option to mark posts as “read” or “saved for later” so you can have access to the content you really want to see — anytime, anywhere


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