Most content marketers look for influencers to strengthen their content marketing efforts. An influencer already has clout in a specific subject and a following. Your brand can significantly benefit from the right influencer partnership because you can “piggyback” on the audience already achieved by an influencer. The trick is finding the right influencer to partner with your brand.

If you’re looking for an influencer, start by making a list of the top voices in your industry. It should include authoritative influencers, peer influencers, and aspirational influencers. Then, analyze each influencer’s audience and activity. You’ll want to pick one with a large enough audience to be beneficial to your brand, but someone who is small enough to be interested in an influencer relationship.

You’ll have to keep an open mind with your influencer list, but the following infographic will help you know what to look for. CopyPress has teamed up with Intellifluence to create this resource for finding the right influencer for your brand. It gives advice on how to gauge influencers, approach them, and when it’s time to drop an influencer from your content marketing efforts. An influencer can help you with brand awareness if you can find the right partnership.