It costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing methods, and it has the potential to generate three times as many leads. To succeed with content marketing, it takes time and effort, but many businesses find that the journey is worth the reward.

Nearly three out of four companies employ between one and four content marketing professionals, but only 17 percent have more than 10. Many other companies use freelancers to help them create blog posts, static web content, infographics, videos, product descriptions, and other forms of content. Given the efficacy of content marketing and the broad range of forms that it can come in, you may be surprised to learn that 43 percent of respondents in a survey by CopyPress said that they publish content only once per week!

How do creatives in the world of content marketing view the industry? They face a range of challenges, from the struggle to understand client expectations to unsatisfactory pay rates and a lack of attribution.

Would you like to learn more about the state of content marketing? Keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry can help you make savvy decisions that will equip you to get the most of out your marketing efforts. Check out this infographic from CopyPress to get the lowdown on the current content marketing ecosystem.