One of the most important tools online, SEO copywriting is essential for the development of your business, as well as for your marketing campaigns. SEO copywriting is a form of online writing that contains keywords (to help your page rank higher on searching engines) and brings qualified traffic to your webpage.

However, there are some pros and cons to using SEO copywriting. Some markets agree with the strategy, while others believe that there are better ways to bring traffic to their blogs and webpages. Let’s look at some of the advantages/disadvantages of SEO copywriting.

The Pros:

Boosting Ranking on Your Favorite Search Engine

Hiring the right SEO copywriters brings in many benefits. The main goal of SEO copywriting is making your page more visible on Google, and on other relevant search engines. In order for that to happen, you must offer your clients and subscribers amazing content, and exceptional information. So, how do you boost ranking through SEO copywriting?

  • Create high-quality content: without good information and content, your webpage has no chances on ranking higher on Google. You must renew your content weekly, if not daily. Constantly add something new to your content, don’t let days pass by without improving something.
  • Offer an amazing user experience: an interesting Akamai study has shown that 47% of users expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds. In the same study, they also found out that around 40% of people will leave a page that loads in more than 3 seconds. Make sure you offer a good user experience by creating engaging content, increasing website speed, and optimizing your blog constantly.
  • Link back to your blog or other authorized websites: Google will give your site more credibility if it is linked to the right webpages. For instance, linking back to your main website (which must contain qualitative content!), The New York Times, The Washington Post, and so on and so forth is a smart technique to apply when writing SEO.
  • Constantly create fresh content: create new content even when you are not in the mood! First, do it for your clients. They won’t be satisfied reading the same content over and over again, and they might unsubscribe at some point if you fail to keep your website fresh. Second, do it for your own reputation – word travels fast, so you might end up with no customers if you stop creating new content daily.

Saving Money for Other Features

David Longacre, SEO specialist at EssayWritingLand, shares his opinion. “SEO copywriting saves you lots of money in the long-run. Typical advertising can get really expensive: printing out flyers or hiring marketers to promote your business offline is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and patience, and in the end, you don’t even know whether it’s effective and it brings in results.”

SEO copywriting is much more cost effective. It targets your audience from the start, and it connects subscribers with the products they are looking for only with a few clicks! There’s no need to design an offline marketing campaign anymore in order to reach out to your clients; they’ll simply check their e-mails or access your website, and buy the products that they need.

In the short term, SEO writing can seem expensive – but in the long term, it is totally worth the money.

Keeping Your Business Competitive

In order to succeed in your field, your content must be unique and well-written. Most of the times, SEO copywriters make sure that your content stays original and innovative. How it works:

  • Find amazing content that truly impact the market
  • Pick the main ideas that you’re really excited about
  • Improve the content with additional information, insights, or advice

Many people have no problem finding good content and coming up with original ideas. However, they do find it difficult to mixing up the two concepts. So, how do you add new content to the existing one, improving it?

  • First, make content longer
  • Second, get into more details, and provide more info on what interests you and your clients
  • Third, tell people how to take action. Providing unspecific guidelines is wrong, since your audience is interested in finding solutions to their problems. You must help them, not confuse them

The Cons

SEO copywriting is not bad per say, yet freelancers can sometimes interfere with its final purpose. Hiring the wrong SEO copywriters can harm your business when:

Strategy is Missing

When SEO strategy is missing, your business won’t expand. You’ll need to stick to a well-designed plan in order to get the best results. Reaching out to your customers is not easy without an objective and an overall plan of action. In order to avoid getting the worst out of SEO copywriting:

  • Build quality backlinks
  • Build quality content
  • Make pages load fast
  • Use the right keywords
  • Constantly optimize your links and content

It’s truly important to be strategic when it comes to SEO copywriting. Bad content easily translates into bad reviews and loss of subscribers.

Customers Become Less Valuable

When we are too focused on bringing traffic to our websites and creating good content, we might forget about the importance of good relationships with our customers. If our profits are increasing quickly, we might stop paying attention to all of our clients’ needs. We might communicate poorly and improperly. We might concentrate too much on keywords and backlinking instead of opening up dialogues with our clients. To avoid one-dimensional relationships:

  • Reach out to your customers at least once per week
  • Ask them for feedback
  • Send out e-mails containing great offers and deals
  • Check if they are satisfied with their purchases

Keeping a good relationship with your customers is essential both in the short and in the long term. Remember again! Word travels fast, so you might not get new customers if you treat the current ones improperly.

There is Too Much to Handle

SEO copywriting is an amazing strategy that will bring you many financial benefits. However, over success can be tricky– it can either make you work harder, or quite the opposite – it can make you lose important clients. When you are too successful, your tasks multiply quickly, and you might find yourself overwhelmed by endless assignments. Thus, avoid becoming overwhelmed by structuring your work accordingly, and taking as many tasks as you can handle.


On one hand, SEO copywriting is a good strategy to boost your business’ profits and develop your company. Make sure you create high-quality content, link back to authorized sources, and constantly refresh your articles. On the other hand, copywriting might make you might lose important connections with your clients, and climb the success ladder way too quickly. Try to keep a balance between the two.


** About the Author: Paula Hicks is an experienced journalist from Romania. She currently lives in the United States and works as a freelance editor for the number of educational resources. Her big dream is to open a publishing house in Europe.