It might not necessarily be the brand’s fault that negative news articles are circulating on popular media channels but the brand needs to take action in order to safeguard itself from harm.

Here are a few things to help you in the process.

Make content suitable for audiences

One of the first things to consider when safeguarding your brand against potential problems is to make sure that you are directing your messages to the appropriate audience. Products and services for parents with young children will differ greatly from those for adults looking for dating advice, and so will the appropriateness of those services and products.

For example, advertising baby products to single adults can still cause problems due to the lack of relevancy and professionalism, but advertising dating services to young families could cause significant harm.

Maintain standards

As well as making sure that your brand is being responsible, you also have to make sure that your partners and platforms upon which you advertise are behaving responsibly. There are many apps and web pages that reputable brands will never choose to appear on due to previous scandals, poor security, promotion of unrelated or inappropriate products, the encouragement of incorrect behavior, or even the lack of relevant human visitors to a page.

These unfavorable sites must be excluded from certain keywords and the opportunity to provide advertising space as a standard industry practice in order to make a sizeable step towards reputable brand safety as a whole.

Use new methods that allow for custom protection

Up until now, brands have tended to try to prohibit all news placements for about a week from the date of a disturbing incident in order to allow the tension and emotion to subside and also to allow clarity to emerge upon the situation.

Now, thanks to technology partners, brands have the opportunity to customize their safety solutions which no longer pigeon-holes them into one-size-fits-all approaches. This allows for relevant and non-harmful material to continue its outreach through approved, premium venues, and avoids missed opportunities.

Keep up with media and future developments

We need new talent to keep up with advances in technology in order to stay one step ahead of those which would seek to destabilize it across multiple platforms including: webpages, mobile apps, TV, news sites, and gaming environments. Experts are essential in all major companies and they require a diverse range of skills and knowledge.

According to a contemporary visual design master that specializes in communication, branding, and advertising, it is important to undertake a variety of tasks to gain essential knowledge and useable skills, leading to impactful design that gives rise to innovative ideas and improves problem-solving.

Utilize emerging solutions

Brand safety partners can create whitelists that are customizable to marketers which allows them to easily direct content more precisely to their target audiences, for example: high-end fashion brands. This essentially creates safe avenues for your brand which other brands may have to exclude.

All types of media platforms must be evaluated though and deemed appropriate, not only that but the functionality of download links for example, must be in working order.

Build reliable partners

To get a grip on brand safety you must employ both human expertise and current digital technology to scour potential pages that host advertising for issues, including a review of keywords. There is technology available to exclude your advertisements from a page should it be flagged as dangerous post-bid, allowing you a quick departure from potential harm.

It’s also important to have clearly defined policies about privacy that follow guidelines from bodies such as Google Ads and that you and your partners adhere to, including their partners.

Take action

In order to keep up with ever-evolving safety issues that present themselves across multiple platforms and technologies, brands must stay vigilant against intrusion, they must be clear about protocol and the brand’s needs, they must explore all available options for maintaining safety and they must work as securely and professionally as possible.

In addition, advertisers must play their part and understand that successful brand safety requires their proactive attention, and requires attentive experts that constantly review platforms and technologies and who can intervene at critical moments.

Now is a crucial and exciting time for advertising agencies and those that specialize in security. With new technologies on the horizon as well as new threats, you can guarantee that opportunities will be available and that new talent will be required to steer their brand into safe waters.