In today’s marketplace, Internet users read, on average, 10 blog posts per day, making up a huge chunk of overall internet traffic. Data from Websitebuilder suggests not only that this huge demographic of potential customers is readily available through blogging, but it is likely one of the highest converting audiences online.

The benefits of blogging

Your website is likely one of your most valuable assets — and your blog is a great tool to use in boosting that asset above competitors. A blog not only boosts your credibility within the marketplace, but also boosts your site’s SEO ranking and brand awareness exponentially. This drives traffic and visitors your way – which, when converted, equate more sales. In the simplest possible terms, blogging delivers results and builds your business.

How to get started

With such incredible benefits, most people would assume the development and administration of a blog would be labor intensive. That is not the case, and starting a blog is actually very straightforward. The top blogging platforms are simple and easy to implement. In most cases, a few hours a week will be enough to maintain an active blog in 2018.

Currently, the world of blogging is dominated by WordPress, a blogging platform with over 96% market share and dominance in the sector. With their platform, you can be up and blogging within minutes.

Additionally, e-commerce stats, social media shares, and blogging statistics all point to blogging not only being relevant in 2018, but more relevant than ever. For a closer look at the blogging world and its many benefits and strategies, check out these blogging statistics from Websitebuilder.