And blogging is only going to get bigger in the coming years.

But you can survive in this business only if you are synchronized with the industry and the latest changes. So you have to constantly keep an eye on what’s happening in this volatile field.

Here are 5 of the most popular blogging trends that will get bigger this year.

The longer the post, the better

In 2018, you’ll finally say goodbye to 500-word or so articles as the next year will see a rise in lengthier posts. Blogging is seeing a growing number of technical professionals and industry experts who are not interested in generic information and rather need more valuable data that can enrich them as a professional.

What you need to do is write articles that incorporate in-depth information based on survey, statistics, and analysis. Therefore, get ready to write longer articles that the readers can find helpful.

Blogging will need more spice

This is an era of multimedia content so your readers will want more from you than just plain text. Nowadays, readers prefer reading articles that integrate interactive content, such as an infographic, video, graphs, charts or even an app.

Adding these will not only spice up your website, it will also make your blog more functional and useful for the readers. So if you want to get more visitors, be more generous when it comes to sharing multimedia content on your blog.

Part of the focus will shift to vlogging

Vlogging has already created a huge impact in recent times and it is only going to become bigger in the near future. Users are more likely to get hooked on a video than on a long article. In other words, a video is far more effective to convey your story than writing a long piece of writing.

Let’s say you are an online tutor who wants to help students with academic writing tips, you can post videos related to a specific subject on your blog to make the lectures more interesting and reinforce the argument you presented to the class.

In 2018, video blogging will rise to the next level and more bloggers will post videos to share their story.

Live streaming will be more prevalent

Live streaming is a recent phenomenon and more people are taking it up as an effective way to convey their story or promote their brand.

With Facebook Live and Instagram Live, you can easily interact with your audience in real time without compromising the speed of your blog. This has paved way for more bloggers to share their thoughts on a trending topic.

Blogging will be based on metrics

Today, readers are interested in articles that have a certain level of authentication, so adding metrics to your work will only make it more valuable. This is why more bloggers are adding verifiable information to their blogs in the form of case studies, surveys and polls.

Wrap up

Blogging in 2018 will only get better because of these trends. So put them in practice in your daily blogging to attract more readers to your blog.



** About the Author: Ishika Agarwal is a Digital Marketer, Educator, and Blogging Expert at Coursework Online. As an industry expert, she keeps tabs on the latest happenings in the online marketing industry. She is also an educator who’s happy to help her students excel in their fields.