Think about the control you have over your own website and whether you’re satisfied with what’s online right now. Is it customized to your liking? Do you have a good system for managing your content? Open source software offers a way to play around with web design and content posting without making much (or any) monetary commitment.

You’ve probably heard of WordPress, popular with bloggers and businesses because it allows you to seriously customize your site. Depending on your level of expertise, you can use WordPress templates to create a professional website in a relatively short period of time, or you can use plug-ins to adapt a site to your specific needs. Plus, you can use your site to track how well each piece of content you post is doing for building leads. By using social metrics plug-ins, you can discover where your traffic is coming from and who is paying attention to your pieces.

If you don’t run your own site, the names Joomla and Drupal might not be familiar to you. Though they’re less well-known than WordPress, they’re great options for creating bespoke websites with open source software. If you’re very unfamiliar, using a brand like Cheeky Monkey to help you navigate is never a bad idea. Want to find out which one of these open source software programs is right for you? Check out the infographic below for all you need to know!