Millions are active and use at least one social media platform during the day. Social media is great for businesses because it generates more traffic and it’s a great platform for building brand, your credibility, and public relations. Search engine bots consider your socially shared blogs as important, and you get cool ranking brownie points too. All this and more can be achieved only if you are diligently active on social media.

You get what you give on social media. An active presence will help your brand or personality to stay in public focus. If you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind, get the drift? So where do you start? Do you post every day? Do you tweet every two hours? Do you respond to every comment? There are so many things you need to do to remain active but it can exasperate you. While it may seem overwhelming to carry on your daily work and do social media also, here are helpful tips to make sure you stay active on social media without losing your mind:

Let someone else manage it

Social media has great power over your business. If you don’t have the time nor the skill to stay ahead of the latest trends, then consider hiring outside help. Anyone can draft a quality post and post it on your business page. Hiring a social media manager is a good idea as they will interact with your customers on a daily basis, so you don’t have to. You can then focus on core business activities and let someone else be active on social media on your behalf.

Choose the channels wisely

If you must do it yourself, start by choosing the right social media platforms for you. This is to make sure you don’t spread yourself out too thin and dampen the quality of your social engagements. Focus on one or two social media platforms where your target audience is found the most. If you can highlight your product or service in two-minute videos, then YouTube is your channel. Can your service or product offer solutions? Then you may use Pinterest. Social media requires a lot of effort, minimize it by choosing your platforms wisely.

Use a 15-minute check in

Social media is very distracting. It wastes the time you otherwise can use to work or study. If you tend to get sucked into social media then consider using a timer to log and check your notifications, comments or status. Log out of all your channels and consider checking in only at certain points in the day so you don’t lose your mind and go off track.

Filter people and pages you can’t stand

When you become friends on social media, you get to see their photos, posts, what they liked, etc. Sometimes, though, repeated sullen messages from a friend on your Newsfeed are depressing. Other times, it is just plain annoying to see someone online all the time whom you can’t stand in real life. Hide posts, unfollow or unfriend people to get peace of mind. Doing this to pages you’ve liked before gives you the power of keep quality over quantity of your Newsfeed.

Turn off notifications

Constant notifications not only distract you during important meetings, family time or while studying, it is a total waste of your time too. Before you know it, you are hooked and have lost precious productive time. There is nothing so urgent from social media that needs your absolute urgent attention. So turn off your notifications from your phone settings and do 15-minute check ins to avoid losing your mind over social media.

Share thoughtfully

Remember, everything you post will be seen on the internet, forever! You need to be more thoughtful before you post online. If you tend to tweet or post when you’re drunk, check out these helpful apps listed by Buzzfeed. If you are a looking for a job, chances are your potential employer is checking out your Facebook or other online profiles too. So be sure to take a moment to share only what is useful to your readers and adds value to your audience.

Use scheduling apps to save time

If you are losing your mind over posting your social media updates manually, you need a scheduling apps solution for this dilemma. These apps save you the time and effort and help you post over many social media platforms at one go. If you struggle to complete your social media tasks diligently, you need automating apps listed here too.

Social media can be frustrating because you never know if you’ve done enough! Thankfully, there’s an app for whatever you need. So keep calm and simplify your social media life.

** About the Author: Alice Clarke is mad about social media and digital marketing as well. She also writes on different websites and works as a coach.