By establishing a notable presence on social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, companies can connect with their customers, sell their products and get the word out about new initiatives they are taking on. Social media marketing is highly effective yet extremely low-cost.

Here are seven ways you can drive your social media marketing campaigns to success:

Set your campaign goals

Before embarking on a campaign, you must take the time to write down what you want to accomplish with it. What is your end game? Do you want more Instagram followers, want to create buzz for a new product or would like to accumulate brand mentions on Facebook and Instagram? By outlining what you intend to accomplish, you set the stage for accomplishing not just the campaign goals but your business goals too.

Choose and build the right campaign

After setting your campaign goals, the next step is building the ideal campaign for your product or service. The approach you take will be determined by the goals you set. Keep in mind that different campaigns will produce different results. For example, a voting contest would have very different results from interactive quizzes or a newsletter signup campaign. It’s OK to do a little research to find out which campaign is most likely to align with your business proposition.

Build relationships

Social media relationships can be a powerful social media marketing tool. By connecting with journalists, influencers, and newsmakers, you can grow your business from an unknown entity in your basement to the next big thing the world over. One effective approach to building relationships is encouraging your clients who are not on social media to start using these platforms.

As they grow their own audience, they will feel indebted to you for helping them join social media and would be willing to share your campaigns on their own channels. Reach out to influencers and propose partnerships of mutual benefit. Talk to a journalist who covers your niche about a new product or service you will be rolling out in the near future. You can offer them samples and ask them to do a review if they like your product.

Use social media tools

Social media tools will help you do more on social media with minimum resources and even with the tightest schedule. For example, Social Growr will help you organically grow your audience on Instagram by connecting you to people who are interested in your products or services and are most likely to buy them. Other tools like HootSuite give you access to one dashboard from which you can manage your accounts on different social networking sites.

Offer the right prize

When a startup is figuring out its social media strategy, it is quite common to find it doing contests and giveaways that later hurt the brand. Some give the contest winners prizes like iPhones even though their business has nothing to do with cell phones, telecommunication or tech. As a result, the campaign might go viral on social media, but the results might be an accumulation of followers who have no interest in the actual products and services you are in business to sell.

The right prize should be something related to your brand. If you are a retailer, a gift voucher might be appropriate and if you are in the travel industry, a plane ticket might make perfect sense.

Engage with your campaign’s participants

As your campaign kicks off, be quick to respond to the first batch of reactions you receive from participants. A simple “like” or comment can increase the engagement your campaign will receive. Additionally, engaging with your customers humanizes your brand, making it more likely that others will feel compelled to connect and converse with you too.

Measure and analyze success

It is not true that social media is unpredictable and hard to analyze and measure results. By simple breaking down campaign results into tweets, shares, retweets, comments, replies, etc., you can determine the exact ROI a particular campaign brings to your business. Tthere are many social media analytics tools you can use to get additional insights into the data you collect through these campaigns.