[guest post by Lauren Ebsary]

It could be that you’re making some basic mistakes while posting, writing and trying to get traffic for your blog – or maybe you’re new at blogging and you haven’t figure out the appropriate marketing strategies or target audience.

Here are some potential issues you might be dealing with and how to solve them.

Your style isn’t appealing

Your goal should always be to create the most appealing pages possible, including appropriate, easy-to-read colors so readers aren’t tempted to click away.

Persona-based content

It’s not enough to just put your thoughts down on a page. Instead, you should create a blog that reaches out to your potential audience and covers topics you readers out there want to read about.

Your writing style

If your writing is confusing and the reader can’t quite understand what are you talking about, chances are they’ll move on to another site.

If you need help with your writing, read the blogs of other professional writers and study their style. Still feeling lost? Start at the END. Once you write down the conclusion of a post, you can then work your way back to the beginning and create a nicely flowing story.

You focus too much on a product

This can be one major reason that people aren’t reading your blogs because you just make an announcement and focus much about the product, promotions, and service you are writing about, don’t do this, my friend, just creates a rough draft and proofread it, once you are satisfied then post your blog. Don’t make you blog one big advertisement.

You don’t post consistently

Even if you have an interesting blog, not being consistent with your posting will cause readers to forget about you and move on to something else. While daily posting might be a little too much, you can aim for twice a week or even once a week, on the same days, so readers know when to expect new content from you.

You are not using social media productively

Just writing and posting on your blog isn’t enough – you also need to make sure you’re using social media accounts to promote those blog posts. Every time you post a link to your blog on social media, you’re increasing your chances of reaching new readers.

You’re not being creative

If your blog is just one big piece of advertising, chances are readers will walk away and never return. Instead, find a way to make your blog posts creative and interesting. Add images, add humor, link to supporting material. Make your writing memorable and you’ll attract more readers.


**About the Author: Lauren Ebsary is part of Essay writing service, one of the most followed academic consultancies in the UK. When not working, she likes to read fiction.